Bird control and removal services are some of the most rationalize services a animal control company can provide. Controlling birds can be very difficult and very time-consuming, bird control often leads to other problems that need to be fixed before the birds can be totally control or eliminated. Some of the common birds we control is Pigeon Control, House Sparrow Control, Starling Control, Grackle Control and Sea Gull Control. Some of the more common problems that lead to a bird control problem are open ventilation pipes, unscreened access areas, the presence of very inviting roosting area, and the lack of natural predators. All of these aforementioned situations can lead to a severe and uncontrollable bird problem. Birds are one of the most complex animals we as animal control removal agents try to handle. The hardest thing about controlling birds is that very seldom the you actually physically remove the problematic birds.

Most of the time the bird control programs revolve around some sort of habitat modification. Such habitat modification includes screening all possible entry points in which the birds have gained access to either your home or building. Close up all exposed ventilation pipes and placed the proper their ears in which birds cannot overcome. Install bird spikes on all possible roosting sites such as I-beam ledges and building corners. There's a lot more to bird control them what initially meets the eye. We have also installed several types of Sea Gull Grid systems A lot of times bird control estimates are up in the thousands of dollars.Some of the ways that bird control companies control birds are by installing structural bird netting, installing anti-roost shocked track, by installing anti-roosting spikes, installing wire deterrent systems, using and time roosting gels, and often times performing chemical control.

Any quality bird control program should start with a quality bird inspection. A quality bird inspection involves the inspector checking all possible bird entry points and all possible bird roosting sites. Then making a quality recommendation one how to modify all entry points in roosting sites to make the area undesirable for the birds to want to hang out. Birds become a nuisance because of their fecal matter is very high in acid content and has been known to erode metal structures rather badly. There was even a bridge fall in Minneapolis that was possibly linked to large build up of pigeon fecal on the bridge abutment that had a eroded. We also do Canada Goose Control in many areas of the country. One of the specialty services we offer is Bird Fogging; this is a process that uses both a fright factor and slight chemical diversion to persuade birds such as Canada Geese and European starlings to leave a specific area.

This process is often used to prevent large flocks of birds from roosting on trees and buildings in which sidewalks and walkways are contaminated with bird droppings. Please Email us to get a quote for this service in your part of the country Bird control problems should not be taken lightly and a bird control professional should be contacted to give you a complete solution to your bird problem. You can find a quality bird control professional on our” locate a Pro” section link listed above. Just click your state then your applicable city to find a bird control professional near you. Some of the speciality things we deal with is birds in soffit, Bird in Vents, Birds in Chimneys, Birds in attic and birds in stores. We also do bird netting Installation and bird spike installation. birds will also cause insulation to become contaminated in attics. Some of the cities we have service providers in are in the following: San Francisco Bird Removal, San Mateo Bird Removal, Fairfax Bird Removal, Denver Bird Removal

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