Electric Track Bird Control

There is often times when bird netting or Bird spikes is not a viable option in the process of Controlling birds in urban environments. Bird spikes will often be visibly intrusive and bird netting is just not functionally possible because of overhead obstructions such as pipes, lights and other fixtures that are hanging from a ceiling area. It is in these cases that Electric Track may be a option that you may wish to explore.

Electro Track is just what the name implies, it is track that lays on a hard surface that carries voltage from a central charging point down the electric track. The eclectic track keeps a "charge" on it. When a bird attempts to land on the electric track, it initiates a small electric jolt that sends the bird away from the surface, usually back in the air flying away from what just shocked it.
This type of bird control is a learned method. Meaning that the resident bird flock will in time identify the ledge with a uncomfortable jolt and avoid the area all together. This is a very effective type of bird control and a properly installed system will usually yield about a 90% success rate on all birds and a 100% success rate for large birds that include pigeons.

Is Electric Track Bird Control Expensive?

Electric track bird control is a safe and humane way to control birds, it is often a bit more expensive than bird netting and bird spikes. However the added cost is more than made up for in the aesthetics of the product. Often times the bird control electrical track is nearly impossible to see from a ground level. Bird electric track is also a approved method of controlling birds by many of the animal rights groups in the United States. If you have a building or a particular application that you would like to discuss the use of Bird electric track style bird control on, you can email us or you can choose one of our certified bird control experts in you area. Just choose the State that best represents your location where the work needs to be performed and call the number on the page. Anyone listed on this site is capable of assisting you with your bird control problems.

What types of Birds does it treat?

Electric Track type bird control is good for almost any types of birds, ranging from the largest Sea Gulls to the smallest House Sparrow, Electric track bird control will protect your building against all size of birds if installed correctly. The key to the whole bird control process is making sure the product is installed correctly to begin with. If the electric track is not charged correctly, if spaced to far apart or several other mistakes are made in the installation, then the track will be ineffective in solving your bird problem.
This is also true with many of the other bird control products which we offer such as bird spike installation, bird net installation and Bird fogging.

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