The Raccoon is quite common in all areas of the United States. Click to find a qualified wildlife removal company in your area. The Raccoon is a very distinctive mammal with their trademarked black mask and furry ringed tail. In the US, adult raccoons generally weigh between 10 to 35 lbs. and is 2' to 3' feet in length. They are omnivorous and excellent climbers with their dexterous fingers. Raccoons are nocturnal so they sleep during the day. If you see a raccoon active during the day, DO NOT approach it, call a Wildlife Removal professional immediately. Some of the areas we have professionals raccoon removal in are: Raccoons can become a nuisance in many ways. They will raid unsecured trash cans, steal pet food left outside (or inside if left next to a cat or dog door) and damage fruit and vegetable gardens. Raccoons in the Attic and Raccoons in the Chimney are very common calls.

Raccoons in your Attic

In the US, typically in the spring time, we get calls from people complaining of Raccoons in the Attic. This is primarily when Raccoon Babies are born. The female raccoon can be very aggressive while "nesting" newborns. We also deal with common problems of Raccoons in your chimney. Raccoons are one of the most common animal control and removal calls we deal with due to the fact that they have adapted well to urban and suburban environments of cities and towns of the United States. Most damage caused by raccoons in U.S. occurs during the early spring when females are pregnant. Females have learned that human dwellings are a great place to raise young. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. They will destroy Fascia Boards, tear off shingles, remove siding and chimney caps and take off mushroom vent caps just to gain access to your home. We also have several raccoon removal photos located here Once inside they will destroy insulation and wires to modify the house to their liking. Raccoons will cause insulation to become contaminated in attics.

Raccoon Disease

Raccoon droppings pose another threat. Their droppings may contain Baylisascaris which is Raccoon Roundworm. there are several other diseases that raccoons are responsible for several of them are respiratory illnesses, you can click on our wildlife diseases page to find more information on the types of diseases associated with raccoons and a further explanation of the effects they will have on a human.

Raccoon Damaged Insulation Removal

After raccoons have resided in the attic for any period of time, insulation damage is common. Loose fill insulation will become matted with fecal and urine and become compressed. This allows heated air to escape into the attic in the winter and hot air to enter the home in the summer not to mention a huge health risk. If you hear sounds early in the morning or late at night, odds are you have a raccoon in your attic. This problem should be addressed immediately by a trained, licensed Wildlife Removal professional. Putting it off could lead to costly insulation and wiring damage. We have experienced animal waste removal professionals and insulation contractors in their respective states, just click here for a Nationwide Database of Animal Control and Removal Experts. Most install both TAP and Cocoon Types of insulation. Please ask your technician to check the insulation value of your attic. Damage raccoons cause to your home can be incredible.

The raccoon is the most aggressive and destructive animal to deal with. A raccoon causes, insulation damage, sheetrock damage, roof, shingle and other structural damage. A raccoon is the least desirable animal to have in your attic. If you suspect that you might have a raccoon in your attic please be very careful because of their aggression they will bite. One of the main reasons a raccoon wants into your attic is to give birth and raise their young in a protected environment. This is also the time when a female raccoon is most aggressive and should only be handled by a professional with proper equipment. If you suspect you have a raccoon problem, don't let your Raccoon problem go unnoticed, give a professional a call today! If you need help trying to figure out what raccoon poop looks like click here.

Trapping Raccoons

You can always have the raccoons trapped that have become a nuisance to you, Click here to find out how to trap raccoons Raccoons can be one of the hardest animals in the united states to catch and we recommend a professional animal removal and control expert to handle this task. How ever we have put togeher a page Cage trapping raccoons for your information on trapping these animals. We have several pages dedicated to raccoon removal situations Some of the areas in the United States we cover are: Fairfax VA, Alexandria VA, Baltimore MD, Waldorf MD, Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles CA, Sacramento CA, Charlotte NC, Jacksonville FL, Houston TX, Raleigh NC, Montgomery AL, Tampa FL, Richmond, VA, Riverside CA, St Charles MO, Rochester NY, Orange County CA, Manassas VA, and many other areas throughout the U.S

Some Emails about Raccoons we get:


We have/had a family or families of raccoons in our attic this summer. So far, we have caught 8 of them and there is still one or two left. We would like to get the last ones out so we can seal off the entry point and get the attic cleaned up. Just wondering if you are a company that would go into the attic to remove the last ones vs trapping. Please call my cell at Thanks Patrick Email

There's a raccoon that comes under the gate at night while we are sitting in the backyard and goes through our trash and leaves a trail through the trees behind our house... I either have squirrels or raccoons in my attic. I need help ASAP. Email

3 weeks ago my small dog has been beaten by raccoon at 8p.m. near my patio. Now every evening (from 8pm to 7am) I see few raccoons near my place and I am sure that they are hunting my dog. I keep our place clean with no food around it. Please help.


I have a question I live in Virginia and a couple of times early in the morning I couldn't get to my truck to go to work cause there was 3 raccoons right by my truck, and when I got close to them it sounded like they were hissing at me. I have been seeing them a lot in the morning and at night these raccoons are not normal size they have long legs and they are bigger than a normal size I would say about a size of a normal size dog. I have never ever seen raccoons that big before I also have 2 little kids that play out side and I have heard about raccoon attacks. I just want to know what I should do please!

We also have a extensive raccoon photo gallery located here

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