Does fake owls work for bird control

The use of fake owls as a means of bird control has been around for many years, the use of these owl replicas became popular in the early 1990's and there were a lot of pest control companies selling this product as the best source of "bird control" available. I personally have been in the bird control business for almost 20 years and have not seen these plastic owls ever be successful for any long period of time. They may have a very short term affect, like possibly a day or so. There are however some more advanced methods that have a much better affect on birds and we will talk about these options further down the page. Remember as you read this information, this is simply the opinion of a professional willdife control operator that has been in the bird control business for over 20 yeras, some opinions may differ.

Fake owl concept

The concept of a fake or plastic owl is relatively simple, the presence of the birds natural predator is supposed the visually frighten a bird into fleeing the area. This could happen for a day or so, but these birds become accustomed to the lifeless piece of plastic very quickly, I have photos of birds perching on top of these plastic owls. You have to understand that the birds that you are trying to control are relatively smart, they have not survived on this earth by being dumb.


The conclusion on fake owls

I guess thru wring of this web page, we have concluded that the use of the artificial owls is not effective on deterring birds from a area for any long period of time. More advanced methods such as eagle eye installation, bird spike installation and bird netting are some of the bird control methods that have a much longer shelf life per say. These are the methods that bird control company's that specialize in this field use. If you are using a company that is selling you a service with a fake owl, please check with the wildlife control operator to find out the reasoning behind the use of this ineffective method of controlling a bird population. If you have a bird issue at your home or commercial complex, shoot us a email, we will make sure your request for services meet the right people, as some companies listed on this site does not perform this type of work, it is specialize. As another precaution, always ask to see the insurance and license of the companies that are proposing work to you, bird control is often expensive and you don't need the company you are working with to "disappear " with your money. Always be cautious, everyone listed on this site in their particular area has been verified to have all insurances and licensing, however it is your duty to make sure they are up to date. This is something you want to find out before you give them your money!

We have several good photos of many bird control jobs that we have completed located here.


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