Bird trapping Programs

Bird trapping programs are often needed in some special occasions where other practical bird control methods such as shooting and chemical bird control are not possible. These areas include but are not limited to grocery stores, retail stores and other areas where high human traffic is present. Bird trapping is the most humane way to control birds, but can also be the most costly in terms of actual dollars spent by a company to solve a bird problem in a particular place, keep reading and I will help you realize why that the most humane way to control birds is often not the "best" way in terms of budget issues. However these problems must be taken care of because of the health risk to the patrons of the store. Birds in a foodservice area are a health code violation in ANY food service business anywhere in the United States. Birds should not be allowed to remain in any store or home that has human interaction, bird carry hundreds of parasites and disease, you can do some more research on the different type of disease here.

Why does trapping cost so much?

Trapping birds such as sparrows and Grackles and starlings can be costly to local business owners like grocery stores, food service providers such as restaurants, catering companies and others that are in the food service industry.
The costs associated with trapping birds comes from the task being very labor intensive, with the price of labor and fuel these days, it costs a wildlife control company a lot of money to trap birds, which most of the time lends itself to multiple trips to a particular location to "check" the traps or remove birds from the traps. Birds are usually offenders in greater number than just 1, usually its 3 or 4 birds that are causing problems.
One way to get around this is to hire a company that "gang" sets these traps, that means setting multiple traps in a location to get the most bang for the buck.

Who offers these bird trapping service?

We offer therse services thru several companies that we own, Xceptional Wildlife Removal can be found in 11 different states, Feather Free Zone is located in and around our nations captital and offer trapping services along with other services such as goose hazing and trapping, fill out the form bellow and we will catch up with you and assist you with your bird trapping issue.
We have a complete list of licensed wildlife removal companies, this list of companies have all been verified to be sufficient to handle your bird trapping program needs, Just simply choose the state that best represents the location that you are having a problem in, these the location and call the number.
If the company that is listed can not assist you with the bird trapping services you want, just shoot us a email and we will find someone that can help you in that area. should you need us just shoot us a email

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