We get many questions over the course of the week here at animalcontrolsolutions.com. Most of the questions are about wildlife and the damage that they can cause. Some people are looking for do it yourself tips and tricks on how to catch animals in traps and others are looking for suggestions on finding a reputable animal removal company. We have received many emails asking the same questions about animal removal and pest and wildlife control. These are the most common questions we get and we will continue to post additional questions and answers as we get them, we welcome questions from people that use this site and hope that you find these FAQ's helpful in your search to find a company to assist you with your wildlife problem. You can always contact us and shott us a question, we will be glad to help, then we will repost your question here in hopes of helping someone in their search.

How do I get rid of animals in my attic?

Do animals bite when they are trapped?

What type of bait do you use to trap animals with?

Is it legal to relocate animals?

What state do you guys cover?

How do you get rid of skunks under houses?

Why do birds get in my vents?

Will Birds get into grocery stores?

Does your company install flex track?

How do I get rid of snakes under my house animals with??

How much does it cost to trap squirrels?

What types of wildlife sleeps and lives under my houses?

Why do bats get in my attic? Why do squirrels dig in my yard?

Why do raccoons turn over my trash can?

I hear scratching noises in my attic, what is it?

What digs holes in yards?

What causes brown spots on ceilings?

What causes noises in vents?

Do animals contaminate insulation?

What Types of Diseases do animals carry?

Q: How do I get rid of animals in my attic?

A: The simple answer on how to get rid of a animal in the attic is to hire a professional animal removal and control company. Attic work is very dangerous because the possibility of stepping through a ceiling is very high. Add a very aggressive animal like a squirrel or raccoon to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. Call an expert from our list of professionals.

Q: How do I get rid of snakes under my house?

A: This is one of the hardest jobs that a animal removal company can tackle. Snake removal and control is a very delicate process that often requires the use of chemicals to kill rats or mice to completely solve the problem of getting rid of snakes from under a house. The best way to solve this problem is to completely control the food source that the snake is eating.

Q: How much does it cost to trap squirrels

A: How much does it cost to trap squirrels is the number one email we get in the spring. This is when homeowners are having many problems with squirrels in their attic and squirrels doing damage to homes and insulation. This is a complex problem and often requires the help of a professional. You can find some more information on squirrel control here

Q: What type of wildlife sleeps under houses?

A: What type of wildlife sleeps under houses is a interesting question and one that offers no simple answer. The possibilities are endless for what animal could possibly be there. It varies with the part of the country you are in. It could be a raccoon, skunk, opossum, fox or coyote or even a badger. Whatever type of animal it is should not be allowed to stay and the animal removal process should be started as soon as possible.

Q: Why do bats get in my attic?

A: Why do bats get in my attic is a easy. They are accessing the attic area of your home to use it as shelter. Your attic area provides the bats with a nice dry place to stay, sleep and have babies. Yes, have babies! You should have a professional bat exclusion company start the process of removal right away. You should never let bats stay in your attic. The contamination alone from their fecal could cost several thousands of dollars to clean up.

Q: Why do squirrels dig in my yard?

A: Why are squirrels digging in my yard is a very common question that gets emailed to us a lot in the late winter of the year. The reason the squirrels dig in the yard is a attempt to find nuts or other food source that was buried in the ground in the fall or early winter of the year. Squirrels can do a lot of damage to a yard if they are permitted to keep digging for food caches.

Q: Why do raccoons turn over my trash can?

A: Why Do raccoons turn over my trash can is often asked by people in the city. This is where natural food sources for raccoons is in very high demand. Raccoons will deplete its natural food source very quickly and will push the animal to supplement their diet with unnatural food from sources such as trash cans, cat doors, and other sources.

Q: I hear scratching noises in my attic, what is it?

A: This is a two part question. I hear scratching noises in my attic is a common complaint that most homeowners have in the spring or fall of the year. This is the time of year that squirrels and raccoons are having babies. The scratching that you hear could possibly be a mother squirrel getting ready to have babies or even possibly a female raccoon getting ready to have raccoon babies. Also, it is very common to hear scratching in your attic or walls from rats and mice.

Q: What digs holes in yards?

A: What digs holes in yards is a question that often comes up a lot in the summer time, or maybe even in the fall of the year. This question usually comes up when a raccoon is causing damage to yards. The raccoons are doing the damage in a attempt to find grubs or possibly Japanese Beatles. This is a common food source for raccoons and one they will destroy a yard to find and enjoy.

Q: What causes brown spots on ceilings?

A: What causes brown spots on ceilings is a very common question we get when we are doing a animal removal from an attic area of a home. The brown spots on the ceiling is either water that has leaked in from a hole that the animal has possibly made in your roof or it could also be urine from the animal. Animals will use the bathroom in the same place over and over until the ceiling becomes saturated and discolors.

Q: What causes noises in vents?

A: What causes noises in vents could be several different animals. One of the more common animal we have had make a lot of noises in vents is birds. In the spring of the year, Birds are looking for a suitable place to build a nest and raise a family. No better place than either your stove or dryer vent. We have also had reports of birds being found in bathroom vents that are as high as the third floor. This is a problem that should be corrected as soon as it is discovered. Birds are very dirty creatures and should not be allowed to stay in the vents of your home.

Q: Do animals contaminate and destroy insulation?

A: Animals will tear up, contaminate and destroy insulation. It is estimated that over 10 million dollars in insurance claims are filled each year from the damage that squirrels and raccoons do to attic insulation. They destroy your insulation which can also raise your heating bill considerably.

What type of disease do animals carry?

Animals are known to carry many different types of disease. Some are known to affect humans more than others, we are working on a complete list, however the list is a work in progress, we have gathered some information and it is located here. We also have many FAQ regarding very specific animals such as raccoons, squirrels, snakes, bats, skunks, armadillos and birds all of these questions pertaining to these specific animals can be found on their respective pages. Just follow the link provided.

Q: Do animals bite when they are in a trap?

Animals will bite when they are in a trap, they are wild animals and when a human approaches them they feel threatened. they will usually bite as a defensive tool, this is a totally natural reaction for the animal to have when it is in a trap

Q:What type of bait do you use to trap animals wit?

A: There are many types of baits that private wildlife control companies use, most of the baits that are used are something that is in the natural food source for the target animal in which the trapper is trying to catch, example of this will be a raccoon bait will sometimes have some sort of berry in it, mulberry, blackberry or something that local to the location in which is being trapped. Some companies will use peanut butter to catch squirrels with, this is unnatural, how many squirrels have you ever seen have access to peanut butter?


Q:Is it legal to relocate animals?

A: It is legal in some states to relocated animals, but the laws differ from state to state, for example in Virginia it is illegal to relocate a raccoon and in many area you can release a raccoon on another land owners place with permission. So the laws vary t much to give you a general answer, you must check you local laws to get a definite answer

Q:What state do you guys cover?

A: We have Coverage in about 40 states, we actually have company trucks in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio and Washington DC, we have operating partners that you can find listed in their respective states, these operating partners are companies that we have found have the same methods and values that we have, you have to be careful of fly by night companies and the ones listed on these pages have proven thru the test of time to be a reputable company. simply click the state you have the animal problem in and call the local number to be connected to the local office.

Q:How do you get rid of skunks under houses?

A:Skunks under the house can be a very delicate problem to deal with, you cant just rush in a pick them up, they will spray and the entire house will stink for days and possibly months!! So the best way to deal with a skunk under a house is to capture the skunk outside the dwelling. This is often done in a trap. Just remember, when you set a trap for a skunk and you catch him, what are you going to do now?? approach the trap and he sprays you!! Call a professional to assist you with this unique problem.

Q:Why do birds get in my vents?

A:Birds will get into exhaust vents for several reasons, nesting is the primary reason that this happens, in the eastern part of the united states this usually happens in the early spring, then again in early summer, the birds that are the culprit's are usually starlings, however house sparrows and grackles have been found nesting in vents, you can find more information about birds in the vent here.

Q:Will Birds get into grocery stores?

A:Birds may find their way in grocery stores on occasion, they can gain entry to the stores thru mis-timed doors, doors that are left open in the back store room or possibly even a roof hatch that was left open my the service department. Once the bird gets into the store, it becomes a health hazard and all attempts possible should be made to remove the bird from the store, possible methods include netting, shooting or trapping.

Q:Does your company install flex track for bird control?

A:We sure do, we have a specialized crew that travels around the country doing bird control, we install flex track, bird spikes, bird netting and all other types of bird control products that is available, We are Bird Barrier certified and recommend and install their products, they are on the cutting edge of bird control and their products are top of the line in quality! to have us bid your job, just shoot us a email

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