Seagull Control Bird Grid

One of the latest technologies addressing seagulls and their control has been the installation of a stainless steel grid system that is designed to affect the seagulls ability to land and nest in a specific area. Although a grid system seems to be a very simple system to execute, the installation criteria is actually a very complex design, Many things need to be taken into account such as wingspan of a seagull in the particular type of seagull that you were dealing with, the prevailing wind direction and last but not least the particular budget of the project.

Grid systems are often very expensive to install, some of the factors that determine how much a grid system will cost will depend on the type of material the grid system is being installed over top of. rooftop systems are often less expensive than ground covered systems.

Our company has the ability to install any type of grid system to deter any type of bird in which you or your company may have problems with.

The Seagull Grid

The seagull grid system is a system that is designed with poles and stainless steel wires run in a specific pattern, the pattern will vary depending on what type of bird and what the prevalent wind direction is in the area that you are installing the grid system in. Grid systems can range from being very simple to being very complex depending on what type of medium you are anchoring the poles into. Example: a rocky outcropping would be a more difficult place to install a sea gull grid than on a rooftop.
The wire used to install a grid system ranges from 1/32 of an inch stainless steel aircraft cable to wire as large as 5/16 of an inch in diameter. there are also some products use called grid twine, this is a fluorescent twine that is very visible to the Sea gulls as they try to land.

The Material for a Seagull Grid

Material used to install sea gull grid

Types of Gulls a grid works on

The types of goals that a grid system will work on are as follows: Franklin gull, Laughing Gull, Heermann's Gull, Ring-billed gull, California gull, Herring Sea Gull Control, Western Gull, great black-backed Gull, and all other types of gulls. This system has also been known to be very effective on many types of terns.
These Tern types are as follows: Black Tern, Least Tern, Sandwich Tern, Elegant Tern, Royal Tern, Gull billed Tern, and all other types of terns that are found near Seaside areas.

Grid systems are very effective as mentioned above however they are often a elaborate piece of work that takes maintenance and dedication to stay on top of. Weather and Other types of environmental impacts could affect the grid wires ability to be effective.
Often times this type of system is coupled with our feather free dog system which works in conjunction with the grid system to help fight nuisance gull and tern problems.

Dogs in gull control

There are many instances which are dogs can be used to help alleviate nuisance seagulls from properties and buildings in which they are causing problems, dogs will act as a natural predator to the seagull and Make the area and the surroundings a uncomfortable place for the seagull to either loaf or nest, either way these dogs will clear the seagulls on a consistent basis and overtime totally eliminate the seagull problem.
the type of dogs that we like to use for this nuisance seagull hazing program are generally Border Collies, Border Collies have the ability to remain focused only type of bird in which they are treating and not have a tendency to want to bite the bird.
thus making this process very effective in providing you mean nuisance bird removal.

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