Bat removal and bat control in the United States is a more common problems that wildlife removal operators deal with on a daily basis. Bat removal and control is a more common problem found in the older cities of the United States. We suggest that only professional bat removal and control companies deal with your bat problem, Bats are protected in most every state in the nation and have to be removed according to state rules and regulations. If you are having trouble finding a qualified bat removal company, please feel free to use our list to find a professional bat removal company Bats become a problem because of their repetitive nature. They like to roost in the same areas every night; this is where the problem comes in. Bats are attracted to live in dwellings such as homes, buildings and older buildings such as churches and courthouses. We have a special bat in church page here. The constant build up of guano is one of the more common problems that humans encounter with bats being in buildings. With bat colony’s sometimes exceeding 2000 animals, the amount of bat guano that accumulates in a given area is incredible. If you feel that you have bats in your attic, you can find out how to remove bats from attic on this page.Bats will cause insulation to become contaminated in attics.

There are over 47 different kinds of bats living in the United States, the 47 different kinds of bats represent four distinct groups of bats and they are the leaf nosed bat, the ghost faced bat, The Vesper Bat and the Free Tailed family of bats. These are the family groups in which all bats in the United States are associated with. Some of the more common bats that most animal control operators deal with on a regular basis are the Mexican free tailed bat, the little Brown bat, the big Brown bat, the big eared bat, the silver haired bat, the Eastern red bat, the townsends big eared bat, the Florida bonneted bat, the Seminole bat, the evening bat and the Indiana bat. These are all common types of bats that are found throughout the United States, there are other types of bats which are not as common as the before mentioned bats.

There are several ways in which a bat can become a nuisance in a person's home, business, building or church. One of the more common ways that someone figures out that they have a bat problem is they have a individual bat flying around the living space of their home, we call this having a Bat in the house. This is the most common call that animal removal agents receive regarding bats. This is the first indication that there could be a bat infestation in a particular building. The bats that are usually found flying around the living area are typically juvenile bats that have somehow lost their way. When this happens a full and complete bat inspection should be performed by a professional bat removal company. Another service that is often performed is Bat guano cleanup   Bat removal can be relatively expensive and only certified licensed professionals should be contracted to remove bats from your home. Bat removal and bat control is on the rise and there are many companies that are popping up to do bat removal and control work that are not qualified to perform such work. Please check the credentials of any professional bat removal expert in which you potentially may hire. You may find a professional bat removal and control expert from our locate a Pro section of our website by clicking the link listed above. We have also created a bat calendar for you to use. this is a brief explanation of what bats do each and every month of the year. We have created several pages on this site that explains what bats do and their habitat, we have several pages dedicated to bat exclusions, Bats in attics and many other bat removal problems. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. Here are some emails that we have received about problems with bats:

We are one of the only "" Bat Standard" certified companies in the county. NWCOA trained.

Emails we get about bats:

Hello! I searched all over your website, and you say that you have pest control professionals in Bloomington, Peoria, and Springfield, Illinois, but I cannot find any contact information for them.  Could you please send me contact information for professionals in my areas? We have bats in our chimney. Please call as soon as possible. We have a bat in Our bedroom and we have 2 young children- a 4 month old and a 2 year old. We've had a bat in our home twice in the past three years. A professional has inspected our attic and performed a perimeter check. No obvious sources of entry. We need a recommendation on how to proceed A: I think that the first step you should take is to contact a credible wildlife removal company to handle this type of situation, there are far too many variables to make a knowledgeable decision based on the limited information you have provided me.  Please select the location the best represents were the problem is at and call the local number on the page. this will put you in contact with your local wildlife professional which will be more knowledgeable about the bats in your particular area.

We came across your company on google. We are thinking we have a bat infestation in our attic. We just moved into our home 8/1 and had two bats in the house last night. We've also heard scratching in the ceiling where the attic is. We took a peek on our own and couldn't see any bats up there, but it looks like guano on the installation. So, we are wondering how much it would be for you to come out and take a look and how much you charge for typical removal (I know it depends on how bad the infestation is)

Bat Removal
COMMENTS Looking for an estimate on bat removal from my attic and sealing up their entry points.

Hi, I'm interested in an estimate to remove bats from our attic.

prices vary depending on your areaplease contact your local service provider found on the map page of this website, you can get there by selecting the state and the closest town to you and call local number.


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