Bird in Stores is a very common problem that many retailer find, Birds will hang around stores in a a attempt to locate good food and nesting sites. The picture is of a bird nest in the duct work of a grocery store retailer. This is a very common problem as birds get very comfortable in the surroundings inside the store.

Big box stores such as Lowes, Home Depot and Wal-Mart are the stores that you are most likely to find birds in. Grocery stores are another place that birds will get into simply to find a good food source. In many stores you will find birds in or near the produce section. This becomes a problem because of the un-cleanliness of birds, Health departments frown on this problem and will in some cases close the store to patrons until the bird problem is solved and the bird fecal and nesting is cleaned up. Birds are one of the dirtiest animals on the planet, having mites and lice and possibly caring many different types of diseases. Birds should never be allowed to stay in a retail environment. Some of the other services we offer is bird spike installation, bird netting and other professional bird control measures. Any of these problem should be taken care of by a professional bird’s removal company that has extensive knowledge in bird removal from retail space; A professional bird removal company should have extensive knowledge in:

Bird Removal from Stores
Bird Prevention Measures
Knowledge of Bird Diseases
Knowledge of Bird Reproductive Cycles

All of these things combined will make up a good bird control program to rid birds from stores. These programs often will involve items such as bird spikes, Bird netting, Bird Harassment techniques and possibly other tactics to help solve your bird in a store problem.You will be able to locate a bird removal and bird control professional in your area by going to our professional wildlife removal companies page. or if you have a bird in your store in the area of Northern Virginia and Maryland, please give us a call at:


,we can handle your problem, we have contracts with several national grocery chains and would love to talk with you about helping you maintain the bird population in and around your store. If you are not in the DC metro area, please Email us and we will put you in contact with the company in your area that is qualified to handle this unique problem.

Some of the common questions that we get from store owners are:

What Types of Birds are in my store??
How long will the birds stay in my store??
How much does it cost to get rid of the birds?
Do birds cause disease in humans?
Is it possible to get rid of the birds completely?

Q: What Types of Birds are in my store?

A: The possibility here is endless, usually depends on what part of the country you happen to be in, the most common type of birds that get into stores are house sparrows, grackles, pigeons and hawks…yes Hawks!

Q: How much does it cost to get rid of the birds?

A: This is a tricky question, a question that usually requires a onsite visit to see what the extent of the problem is, the price can vary depending on how severe the problem is and actions that need to be taken to solve the problem. It can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars. We have been bird jobs in larger building cost as much as $65,000.00. And we have seen smaller jobs such as birds in the vent and birds in the attic cost under $500.00. This is where the inspection comes in, the bird removal operator will give you a upfront cost to solving your bird in the store problem.

Q: Do birds cause disease in humans?

A: There are several diseases that are known to come from birds that are known to effect humans in a severe way, I however am not a doctor and I will not be held accountable for medical information, however I will provide you a link to do your own research on bird disease

Q: Is it possible to get rid of the birds completely?

A: It is possible to completely get rid of birds from stores, however it could be expensive and time consuming, We have had store owners tell us they have tried everything to get rid of the birds and spent thousands of unnecessary dollars due to tactics or other issues that were unable to solve his bird problem

Q: How long will the birds stay in my store?

A: This answer is simple, Birds will stay in the store until they are forced to leave or their food source is completely depleted, in grocery stores and other stores that sell items like bird seed, their food source will never be completely depleted. Birds will stay in the store as long as us humans will allow them to hang around. Birds are a constant health hazard and they should eliminated from the area as soon as possible. most state hgealth departments will shut a store down if it has several birds in it, this is something that will cost the store several thousand dollars in revenue. birds are a unwelcome guest in most department and grocery stores.

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