skunk removalSkunk removal and skunk control is also a very common problem that most animal control agents deal with on a regular basis especially skunks under steps. There are four different types of skunks that live in the United States. Some of the services we offer are hooded skunk removal, spotted skunk removal and, hog nosed skunk removal and the striped Skunk. The striped skunk is the skunk that is mostly found in the eastern part of the United States. Most all skunks are considered nocturnal animals meaning they travel mostly at night foraging in yards and lawns to find their favorite food source which is Japanese beetles and other grubs that are usually found in the ground. The striped skunk is usually found to be black in color with a white stripe down the center of its back starting at its for head. The striped skunk has small ears, yet has a very keen sense of hearing. Skunks also have very bad eyesight although they are very quick to pick up any kind of sudden movement. you can find more general information on Striped skunk removal The average size for a skunk in the United States is: from the tip of its nose to the tip of his tail 24 inches, they are between six and 12 inches tall and weigh and between four and 15 pounds. The male skunk is typically bigger than the female skunk and the female skunk is typically more aggressive than the male skunk. Some of the most common problem we have with skunk in the US is skunks under house, this is a very serious problem and one that hsould not go over looked.

Why do Skunks Stink?

Skunks have a scent gland on their hindquarters that is located on either side of their anus. This is where the oily product that the skunk uses for a defense mechanism is stored. This oily substance contains some sulfur compounds which makes it smell like a garlicky rotten egg. This smell is a very offensive smell and very overpowering. Skunks use this oily substance as a defense mechanism against predators. The first thing that a skunk does to try to fend off a attack is they display a very aggressive foot stomping posture. If this does not convince the predator to move on the skunk will turn tail and spray the predator in the facial area. This will usually end any advance of any predator. One of the more common calls that animal control operators get is that a skunk has sprayed their dog. We get this call about 50 times a year. Some of the places in the United states that we offer skunk removal and skunk control services are Los Angeles, Fairfax, Miami, Jacksonville, Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, Atlanta and many other areas in the US, if you dont live in one of the cities above, You can find a professinal skunk trapper here.

How to get rid of the stink

There are several solutions to rid your pet of the egg smelling substance that has been sprayed on it by a skunk. There are several types of chemical solutions that can be mixed from household items to overcome and encapsulate the skunk oil. One of the more effective Oder removal techniques was invented by chemist named Paul Krebaum. He was one of the first people to mix dishwashing liquid, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water. This is a volatile solution and never should be Capped. This solution should only be mixed in a bucket. Skunk removal and skunk control can be a very challenging test of a animal control professionals capability, great care should be took while trapping skunks. you find out more information on how to trap a skunk on this page Most skunk trappers use closed in traps so a skunk cannot spray them after they are captured. If you are looking for a skunk removal or skunk control professional you can click on or locate a Pro link located at the top of this page.

Additional reading on Skunks

We are going to build several more pages related to skunks and their removal, please check back often to find more info on skunks and their removal. We also have a page that lets you know what a skunk track looks like Bellow is some of the email we have received about skunk problems:

  • have a skunk that needs to be removed from the area. Thanks. -Glenn
  • We have multiple skunks in our area, which i encounter a few times per week when walking my dog. Just want to know how much it would be to remove them. Thanks
  • There is a skunk in my backyard and comes onto the patio often. There has been babies before and the mom seems to frequent the spot when she is ready to deliver. Our landlord won't do anything about it. Wanted a little more info.

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