Pigeon Control is a common call that most wildlife removal operators will receive pretty much all year round, especially in the major populated areas such as Alexandria, Fairfax, Richmond , Washington DC and many more populated areas. We have pigeon control experts in many states; you can find a complete listing of pigeon control experts on our located a pro page. Some facts about pigeons and their control are as follows: Pigeons are one of the first birds that were domesticated by Humans in the world The Feral Pigeon is derived from the coastal pigeon and is more than comfortable on city buildings and ledges. Some of the common things we are asked to do to control pigeons is bird spike installation, bird netting and install other various types of bird control products. We also get a lot of calls for pigeons in the attic. Pegions are one of the most adaptable birds in the world, it has thrived in all areas of the world. Pigeons can be found on all continents except Antarctica, was introduced into the US in the 17th Century and has increased in population EVERY year since. We also have pages on serveral scare tactics such as fake owls and eage eye bird scare devices.

Pigeons and their Control

Pigeons that are in the united states are all descendants of pigeon stocks that were once tame, There is no wild pigeons in the United States, these birds are not native to this country and all stocks of these animals were brought in. This in itself makes their control very difficult, the typical scare tactics that work on other birds will not work on the pigeon. These types of birds usually require a more physical approach, such as netting and or products such as bird spikes or hot foot. The need for pigeon control is great these are one of the most destructive birds we have in America, it is estimated that these birds cause over 100 million dollars worth of damage to structures and personal property every year, the feral pigeon has even been linked to the RT 35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN in 2007. It is thought that the acid in the enormous amount of bird fecal contributed to the bridges premature failure. These birds do have an effect on radio antennas, Bridges, steel buildings and other manmade structures where they are known to loaf.

How do I control Pigeons on my building?

This is a very good question, and the answer varies. There are several ways that wildlife removal professionals will deal with pigeons; several of the ways have been already mentioned. Most of the time, each site is different, therefore a inspection of the site is in order to give you a complete analysis of your situation. There are many ways that a trained wildlife removal expert can help eliminate your pigeon problem however you will never eliminate pigeons altogether. All you can do is hope to minimize the effects that the pigeons have on your personal property of your buildings or structures. There are many situations in which these birds become very big problems, Birds on signs is another very common problem that birds cause.

There are several chemicals that are now on the market that is noted to help eliminate pigeons from an area, however these types of chemicals are only available to trained professionals with the appropriate licenses. Please check all local laws before you try to handle the situation yourself as in many cities such as San Francisco These birds enjoys a protected status and you could find yourself in Jail for breaking the law if you do anything that is not legal. Click here to find a licensed pigeon control expert You can also find information on eagle eye installation

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