Birds in Attic

Birds in the attic is a very common problem that we see all thru the united States, with bird habitat getting more scarce everyday, birds are starting g to find alternative nesting sites which is usually in a Bathroom Vent or in a home’s attic space. This is a great place for a bird to nest, Its quiet, it’s usually inaccessible and it high up away from predators. All these things add up to a really good place for a bird to lay its eggs and have its babies. This is a problem that you should seek help to solve as soon as possible, simply because as time goes by the problem only gets worse. Lots of times people will inquire about Birds Scratching in Attic.

Why are there birds in my attic?

As stated in the paragraph above, birds are seeing their habitat destroyed by the building of homes and buildings, usually when we see a high concentration of bird in the attic calls, it is directly related to a area that has a lot of buildings and a lot homes. When a contractor builds these structures, they knock down trees and bushes, which is usually the birds natural nesting areas. As birds loose these natural nesting areas, they adapt and start to use alternative nesting areas, such as vents and attic spaces. Some of the other types of services we offer are Bird Spike Installation and Bird Removal from Stores.

How long will the birds be in my attic?

Once a bird gains access to your attic space, they will remain there for approximately 3 to 4 months. The amount of time birds are in the attic space can vary depending on the amount of time it takes the female bird to lay her eggs and hatch them and raise them till they are able to fly. Depending on the type of bird this process will take anywhere from 18 to 26 days for the birds eggs to hatch. Then it will take another 3 to 4 weeks for the baby birds to learn to fly, so all total you are looking at 2 to 4 months. Maybe longer if the nesting process fails and the bird will have to start all over.

This is a very serious problem, there are many reasons why you should not let birds continue to nest in the attic areas of your home, there are health implications, (birds and their feces are contributed to breathing problems) and there is the snakes looking for bird eggs and insects that go along with having birds in your attic, Birds carry lice and mites, which can completely contaminate the attic area of your home. There has been situations where people have to move out of their house to have it fumigated because to severe bird mite infestations. These bugs are very small and very hard to see, however they will bite and cause red marks on your body that will be very itchy. Once these bugs get into your home, you should change your mattresses and other bedding in which these bugs can hide.

What should I do about Birds in the attic?

We suggest that you call a professional bird removal company that specializes in the removal and control of these pests birds from the attic areas of homes and buildlings. You can find a Professional Bird Removal Expert from our list of bird control professionals throughout the United States. First choose your state from the navigation then choose the closest city and call the number listed on the page.

We provide complete Bird Control Services throughout Virginia including the areas of Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington, Leesburg, Gainesville, Winchester, Manassas, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville of many other areas of Virginia.

The following are some emails that we have received from customers with birds in the attic area of their homes:

  • "Good afternoon, I have noticed noises in my attic a few days ago. There are birds going in and out of an opening of the roof. We want to repair it but fear that birds may be left in the attic and die. We would like to have them removed as soon as possible. Can you possibly help with the bird in the attic problem?

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