Bird Fogging, Flock Control

Bird Fogging is a common way bird control companies will control large flocks of birds, Often times we are called and asked if we can help control where a bird flock will roost or possibly divert them to another location, Back 10 years ago, this could not be possible. We had methods such as noise deterrents that scared the birds away for a brief period of time, only to have them return within a short time period, only temporary solving the problem. However with the advancement of technology and chemicals, it slowly became possible to now offer a more permanent solution to bird flock roosting problems.

Bird Flock roosting presents various problem for business and government agency’s such as messy sidewalks that need to be cleaned daily, Equipment that bird droppings build up that must be handled by employees, unsightly messes on side of building’s and Vehicle’s and many other instances that effect a business financially. Someone has to pay to clean the sidewalks and the equipment in order to make it safe for employees to work around. All the repetitive cleanings add up to a large amount of money over the course of a year. This is where flock control comes in.

We can no dissuade a flock of birds from even entering a given area with several chemical treatments. These treatments will have a lasting effect on the birds and will save your company money by reducing the amount of dollars spent cleaning up bird droppings, not to mention the liability placed upon a company for having a unsafe work environment.
This is a common problem in Government buildings, Power Plants, Food Processing Plants, and all types of Manufacturing Plants.

Large Companies and Government agencies like to keep birds and their droppings away from their employees. I will list bellow some of the health and other hazards associated with birds and their droppings in a industrial environment.

Problems associated with Bird Droppings

There are many problems associated with birds and their droppings, one such health problem is called Histoplasmosis. This is a fungal disease that attacks the lungs and can be fatal in older people and children. The symptoms in the beginning a flu like and often is misdiagnosed. Thus letting the fungus spread and making it much harder to treat and making for a very long recovery time.. a infected worker will often miss several months of work trying to recover from this disease.

Another problem with bird droppings is the acidity value of bird dropping will severely affect the integrity of metal beams and support braces used to shore up building’s and other structures such as walk ways and bridges. As a matter of fact Bird droppings have been linked to the collapse of the Minnesota Bridge that killed many people several years ago. A buildup of bird droppings over the course of many years weakened the structure in critical places, causing the failure. This problem could have been prevented if routine maintenance would have been done and the bridge pillars and pilings cleaned on regular bases. There are also several strains of flu’s that are directly linked to birds.

How Do you Keep the birds away

We have several many types of programs, We use chemical foggers, lasers and several other combinations that ultimately solve your pest bird problem. We have many satisfied customers and will be more than happy to provide you these upon your initial contact. We work with all types of Companies and have security clearance to enter most any government building’s
We will be more than happy to go over your problem and outline a program designed with your company in mind. All programs and situations are different so to answer the question, how do you get rid of the birds? The answer: lots of ways Birds and their presence do not make for a good work environment; all precautions should be taken in order to keep pedestrians and workers from coming into contact with birds or their droppings. If you have any questions about how we can help your business or agency, Please feel free to call or drop us a email and are most certain we can assist you handling any bird problem you may have. We are a nationwide company. We travel all across the US solving bird problems.

We also have a large list of bird removal professionals thruought the country. Just shoot us a a detailed email with your problem. and we will put you in touch with a certified operator in your area.

Some of the types of birds we can control are Pigeons, Grackles, European Starlings, Starlings, House Sparrows and Several other types of pest birds.

We also handles many problems such as birds in stores, Birds in Vents, and Bird net installation

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