Geese are enjoyable to watch, but they can become very aggressive and destructive to ponds, grasslands and parks. Getting rid of resident geese on your pond is essential to the health and safety of your property and pond. In fact, Geese are major contributors of accelerated amounts of Phosphorus and Nitrogen in ponds, causing pond eutrophication. A goose can produce 1 to 2 pounds of droppings each day, and a typical Canada goose may poop 28 times a day. That’s a lot of poop!

Get Rid of Geese on Pond

The best way to keep geese away from your property or pond is to use a combination of products and tactics. Placing a liquid deterrent around the edges of ponds and near your buildings or installing decoys in key locations can work to effectively prevent geese from returning. One of the best ways to remove geese from a pond or park area is to use geese chasing dogs to scare them away. This method is gaining in popularity for being safe, humane and effective. Geese see the harmless dogs as a “wolf-like” predator and after repeated incidents won’t return to an area they deem “a threat.”

Tips to Keep Geese Away from Ponds

1. Keep the Grass High – Geese like to see where they’re landing. If your property includes a pond, your grass needs to be even longer. For properties with a pond, the geese are less upset by 6-inch grass, and you need to keep your grass at 20 inches long or even longer.
2. Do not feed them
3. Put decoys around your pond or property
4. Hire a goose dog chaser to scare them away. If you are getting a dog to help keep the geese away, you need to have a professional train the animal to prevent the dog from doing anything that will harm the geese in any way. Properly trained dogs will chase the geese but not hunt them. Note: You should not have a dog scare them away when they are nesting or raising very young birds.
5. Use loud noises to scare or repel geese

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