Bird Scratching in my Attic

Birds scratching in the attic is a very common call that we get in the early spring of the year, when birds are starting to nest. Attics make aq very good place for a bird to make its nest in, the attic area is often safe, secure, draft free and quiet. This is the perfect place for a bird to raise her young. Most of the time when a bird has made a nest in the attic area it will be a European Starling. European Starlings are a invasive species that came to the United States from, you gussed it, Europe! These are the very same bird that make their nest in vents of dryers Some info on the European starling and their nesting habits, This birds breeding takes place during the spring and summer. Following their breeding cycle, the female lays eggs on a daily basis over a period of several weeks.


The eggs did not hatch!

If something happens and a egg is lost during this time when the eggs are being layed, the female starling will lay another to replace it. There are usually four or five eggs in a clutch and they are oval shaped and pale blue in color, they are also very shinny.In this photo here, we show pigeons that have accumulated on the lip of an old building, these birds will overnight in the attic area of this home, the amount of droppings and nesting that these birds can build up is unreal, within a matter of days this bird problem can get out of hand, I have personally seen hundreds of pounds of nesting material accumulate in less than a week, this will be when the female birds nesting building instinct is in overdrive, they will begin making trips early in the morning, carrying hay and straw to build a base foundation for their nest, after a base has been established, other material such as string and paper products will be added to the nest, this material kind of "ties" everything together.


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