Groundhog Removal and Groundhog Control

Groundhog removal is one of the most common calls any wildlife removal company on the east coast gets, these animals can be very pesky and cause a lot of damage with grasses and shrubs, since a groundhog is a herbivore(which means they only eat plants) these animals can cause a lot of damage to lawns and flower beds. They will completely destroy plants and are known to dig holes under homes and out buildings. This in itself can be very dangerous as structure damage may occur as an animal digs under you shed or deck, causing the shed to either shift or fall.

Groundhogs are often mistaken for badgers or beavers, their body shape is similar, however they are very different animals.

Types of Damage caused by Groundhogs?

Some of the damage caused by groundhogs include the damage to shrubs, flowers and other grasses that are loved by homeowners, the groundhog is also responsible for damage to foundations of homes and buildings due to their excessive digging in or around a foundation of homes and buildings. The actual digging is not would possibly cause the damage to your foundation, once a groundhog opens a hole in he ground, this gives a place for water runoff and rain to seep into, this act of erosion is what causes the foundation damage that is caused by groundhogs.

What can I do about Groundhogs?

Groundhogs are one of the more elusive creatures that us wildlife trappers try to manage. Groundhogs as mentioned above are herbivores meaning the type of bait used to trap these creatures must be chosen carefully. Groundhogs will not be tempted by regular food baits that are used to lure raccoons, squirrels, skunks and other wildlife. These animals require specialty baits that resemble to food source that they naturally eat, this can vary from location to location as often the food sources differ in many parts of the country. Some parts of the United States groundhogs can be trapped with baits such as persimmons and cranberry base baits, in other parts of the country, groundhogs will not even take a second look at these types of baits. it is for this reason that we recommend you call a professional grounghog removal company to help you handle this wildlife problem. These companies will know the local area and have the proper baits that are used to trap groundhogs in your local area. The longer it takes for the groundhog to be caught, the more damage the groundhog will cause, They eat plants all day, everyday. The groundhog has a "national" day named after it, its called Groundhog day, this day is a mark on the calendar that is celebrated as winter makes its turn toward spring, If the groundhog sees its shadow when here emerges from its hole, we will have six more weeks of bad weather, if he does not, spring will just be a round the corner, as expected the groundhogs results are about as accurate as your local weather man

what do groundhogs look like?

groundhogs have a very unique look, some folks will say that they look like a badger and others will say they resemble a beaver. In all actuality a groundhog looks like, a groundhog!

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