Canada Goose Removal & Control

Canada Goose Removal is a common call we get all throughout the year in the mid-Atlantic states the Canada goose is the most recognizable birds in the entire area, this is because they are the most common bird to see on a everyday bases. The Canada goose is a large bird, usually weighing g in at about 11 lbs; most birds will stand between 22 and 26 inches high. They are usually a Smokey gray in color with a black head; the head has a white stripe around their jaw area on both the male and female goose.
The breeding season for the Canada goose is between March and June they will lay 4 to 10 eggs and the female goose will sit them for 24 to 30 days before they will hatch into goslings. After the eggs have hatched the female goose will attempt to “hide” the baby hatchlings for several weeks until they are big enough to travel with the adult geese and enter the water, The female geese and the hatchlings will often be seen in parks and other grassy areas eating the grasses which grow there.

How do we Control the geese?

Controlling geese can be a very difficult problem to deal with, you must first learn a little about the geese and its biology before you can truly understand the many different ways to control the goose. Geese needs controlling because their feeding habits often lead to the destruction of grasses in yards that the homeowner has been hundreds to dollars trying to manicure, not only will the geese over graze a yard, they leave piles of goose poop everywhere, it is a notated fact that a grazing goose will poop every 22 minutes. This adds up to a lot of goose poop in a yard over the course of several hours. Something that is also notable, goose poop is really high in acid, if left laying in your yard the goose poop will kill the grass in which it comes into contact with, thus causing burnt spots all over your yard.

Methods to Control geese

There are several ways in which you can control a goose population from feeding on your grasses, one of the ways that is the most effective is to have your yard treated with a chemical called flight control. This is a chemical that works off several of the goose’s senses. The Flight Control chemical is laced with a ultraviolet die that is invisible by humans, but can be seen by the geese, after the geese eat the grasses that have been sprayed by this chemical, they become sick. The goose then associates this ultraviolet sight with a grass that makes them sick when they eat it. After several doses of this chemically enhanced grass the geese learn to avoid this grass altogether. Eliminating the geese from your yard. One drawback about this chemical is that it should be sprayed on the yard every 3rd time you cut the grass. This means that in the summer you could be applying the chemical twice a month. This is a very expensive chemical costing over 300 dollars a gallon, so you can imagine that this repetitive spraying can add up in cost very quickly. To find a wildlife removal operator that can spray this chemical, please refer to our wildlife removal directory to locate a professional wildlife removal company in your area.
There are other ways to deal with geese such as dogs, gridding the yard and several other humane ways to keep the geese from your yard, but the spray method is the most common and most practical. If you would like to try another method, please contact the wildlife removal professional from the links provided above, we are sure they can help!!

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