Birds in the soffit is a very common problem with homes that are built in the last 20 years, unfortunately building practices over the last several decades has dwindled, craftsmanship is pretty much a thing of the past, builder are putting up homes that are efficient to build and that's all they are really concerned with. Homes are built with material in mind, so if a measurement is wrong and a builder will have a choice to cut a sheet of plywood or leave a crack, believe me, they will leave a crack, and cracks are what the birds are taking advantage of when they have entered your soffit. Once the birds have entered the soffit area, they then will begin to build a nest in order for them to have their babies, usually a bird will have two set of young a year, if these are European starlings, they most certainly will have two sets of young. These birds will wreck the attic area of your home, along with bringing several different types of parasites into your home. Lice and mites are just a few of the parasites birds will bring into your home, Yes I said into, once these parasites are in your attic, they have complete access to the rest of the house, thru vents and cracks these parasites can get to you and your family.

What should I do?

Once these birds have made a nest in your soffit, you should get them out as fast as possible, as stated above these birds carry several different types of bugs, these bugs need a host to survive and once the birds leave the nest, they do not take it with them! They leave it, along with the bugs that need a host. These bugs will then start their search for another host and that is where your family becomes a risk. So we recommend that you call a professional bird removal company that deals with these types of situations, some situations can be handled by you the homeowner, but this is not one of them Solving this problem often requires ladders, wallboards, knowledge and chemicals. This is a job that often requires a worker to be high on a ladder, falls from this height could injure a person really bad. Call a pro!  Birds carry many differant types of diseases. you can find  alist of the disease on our wildlife disease pages. So if you are looking for a professional to handle your bird in the soffit problem, You can find a professional in your area by clicking here.

Below is a couple photo of the places that birds will normally enter the soffit area of your home, if you have any questions about these pages, you can email me from the contact us section of this site or click here to just shoot us a email!


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