Have you been hearing something in your walls or any other part of your home or structure? Well chances are its not a ghost, but a big nasty rat. There are many known species of rat in the world, but the two that are recognized the most in North America are the black rat and the brown rat. These hideous pests are always found around human population because they are in capable of hunting due to their poor strength and size. So they depend on humans when it comes to meals. Rats have an amazing sense of smell. They can smell food from over a mile away. Most rats have nocturnal behavior, so chances are you won't see them out in broad day light. Some of the different kinds of services we provide is:
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Most rats grow to be anywhere between 7 to 10 inches, but believe it or not they can grow slightly above a foot. Rats are disease carriers, so try to avoid confrontation with them, because even the smallest bite from a rat can cause sickness and possibly death. Rats will cause insulation to become contaminated in attics.

Just because you don't have any cheese in your refrigerator doesn't mean they won't come around, rats will eat any kind of human food. So it is always best to have your food put in containers or in the refrigerator at night. If food is left out they can smell it and they will find a way to get into your home or structure. If you see holes or chips in your walls, doors or floors, chances are you have a rat buggin' around your house for food. Be sure that your trash is locked up nice and tight as well. Rats don't have any manners so they will be digging in your trash if it is the only possible way for them to get food. Most people do not know this, but rats love the smell of gasoline and oil. They have been know to get into peoples car engines and chew up wires. Rats are one of the most destructive animals in the US.


Getting rid of a rat can be easy, but it can be very tricky as well. It all depends on where the rat is living and what part of your home or structure it is getting food from. Most people who aren't professionals in this field, would just tell you to find a snake to take care of your rodent problem. Heck its a good way to get rid of the rat and will keep them away, but it can also cause a snake problem, which is worse than a rat problem. Another odd thing that people will tell you is to invest in mint plants or oil. The smell of mint is a pleasant aroma for humans, but rats will shy away from it if they smell it. Again, it is a good way to get rid of the rodent, but it can cause other pests to come around and you will have the same problems as you are now. The best way to get rid of a rat is having a professional coming out to your home or structure and laying down a trap or any other kind of professional capturing device. You can start the removal process right now, by clicking on your state on the left side of the home page and there will be information about local pros to come out and help you out.

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