European Starling Control and Removal

European Starlings are one of the most invasive birds on the planet, second to probably only the English house sparrow in sheer numbers, they are however the most destructive bird on the planet as far as monetary damage, followed closely by the Pigeon. In 1890 European Starlings come over seas from England and was implanted in New York’s Central Park as a project by Eugene Scheifflin. He wanted to bring in all the birds mentioned in the famous “Shakespeare”. Well the next year in 1891 Scheifflin released 40 more birds in the same area of New York, the result 125 years later? Tens of Millions of European Starlings that cause over a billion dollars in damage to the United States Agricultural community every year.

What Kind of Damage do Starlings do?

Starlings do damage to the United States Agricultural community by eating gains and fruit that American farmers are growing to bring to market. Every pound of grain these birds eat is fewer products the farmer has to sell to the public. Therefore cutting their income. Many Farmers want these birds removed from their fields and this is where the problem comes in, these birds will fly in packs of thousands and when they land to feed in a farmer’s field, they consume tons of food over the course of several weeks.
Other types of damage that these birds cause is their fecal gets all over anything these packs of birds comes into contact with including sidewalks, buildings, barns and other outdoor structures.
Other types of damages that the European Starlings have started causing in thye birds are nesting in vents of homes This also adds to the dollar damage that the birds cause, Because homeowners have to pay a company to remove these pest birds from their ventilation pipes. You can find a company to remove these birds from your home by selecting one of our recommended companys.

What other types of Damage do they Do?

European Starlings are known to cause many types of damage to homes and buildings, they are most notoruis for getting into vent pipes as discussed above, however there are many more situations that they will get themselves into that is unique to this bird. We have created pages to explain many of these unique situations and will provide links to all the information. The second biggest problems with Starlings is they will make nests in the attic area of homes.
Other times the Starlings will roost in Very large flocks in the evening time, These starling flocks will sometimes number into the ten of thousands and a s you may guess will make quite a large mess of what is under their roosting site (poop). This is a very unique problem and their are only a couple of ways to deal with it properly. Some scare tactics will have some very minimal effect and it will take a more specialized solution to completely solve this problem. You can Email us for a more detailed examination of your particular problem.

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