Insulation removal,  Attic Reconditioning and Refurbishment

Insulation removal and replacement is a very common service that we offer to customers that have had a animal in the attic area of their home. Some of the animals that cause a great deal of damage to your attic area are squirrels, bats, raccoons, rats and birds. Attic refurbishment can be expensive, the process involves the removal of fecal contaminated insulation. You can find more info on Insulation replacement costs here. This includes both kinds of insulation which include rolled and blown in types of insulation. We are a professional insulation removal contractor and have been providing this type of service for over 20 years. We also provide roof repar

Why would I remove my insulation?

Insulation becomes contaminated with urine and fecal from animals that have made their way into the attic area of your home from an outside source such as a open vent or possibly a hole that had been chewed into your roof area by a animal. This problem will also need to be corrected thru a process called a wildlife exclusion, this is simply a process of riding a animal from the attic area of your home thru the means of sealing all holes and possibilities of entry points in the home. This process can be done by most competent wildlife removal companies a complete list of recommended wildlife removal companies can be found here. We specialize in contaminated insulation removal in all areas of the United States. After the animal has been excluded from the attic area and you are sure that it is gone, now is the time to have a professional look at the insulation to see if it needs to be removed and replaced. Often times attic insulation that is contaminated with fecal is easy to see, however urine contaminated insulation is much hard to find. Often special equipment is need to find this type of contamination such as a black light and other special sensors.  A quality insulation removal companies will have all the tools available to assist with the decision to remove all of your attic insulation or only part of it.

What type of equipment is used for insulation removal?

Insulation vacuum equipment is needed to perform the job properly, some smaller companies will attempt to remove the insulation with shovels and other manual ways, this should be unacceptable to you as a customer. If the process of removing the contaminated insulation is done improperly, you could ultimately contaminate your entire home. You should never in any circumstances let a insulation removal company bring contaminated insulation through your home,  the only acceptable way is to run Vacuums hoses  through  one of the roof vents or gable vents of the home, this keeps all contaminated material AWAY from your living areas. If the company you are dealing with does not have the specialized equipment needed to do the job properly, then find another company , Fast!!

What type of contaminates are found in attics?

Attic can harbor several different types of contaminates such as animal fecal and animal bedding (nesting material) both type of material contains fungus and parasites that can cause human illness. Bat guano for example has been linked to the disease Histoplasmosis , Raccoon fecal has been linked to a respiratory illness called raccoon roundworm, may different types of rodents such as rats and squirrels have been linked to  many disease, you can find them all here on the center for disease controls rodent disease page. Bedding material has many different types of parasites such as mites, lice, ticks, fleas and many other animal dependent bugs that can and do live in animal bedding material in your attic.  You should never leave animal bedding in the attic area of your home. We also remove many thousand of pounds of bat guano, you can visit our bat guano cleanup page here.

What is the cost of this service?

  A complete attic restoration can be rather costly, lucky for you much of the cost is often covered by many of the reputable insurance companies. Problems related to bats and raccoons are almost always covered, however problems with birds and rodents such as squirrels, rats, mice and other members of the rodent family are almost never covered, they are excluded from coverage in almost all homeowner insurance polices. When attempting to file a insurance claim, you need to have all your documentation in order and the estimates should be filled out correctly, if not the insurance company will most always deny the claim.  We do offer a service, where we handle the claim for you, all you do is file the initial claim with the insurance company and we handle the rest. This is a service that we offer in the mid-Atlantic states, however we do have other companies that can handle these types of problems in your area, just shoot us a email and let us know how we can help.

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