There are many types of animals in the world and everyone of them leave a different type of scat (fecal) each one of them leave behind a different calling card per say. In this page we will identify the 12 different types of fecal that are out there and attempt to explain the type of animals that leave these types of fecal behind. This will help you zoom in on the type of animal you are having a problem with in your home or building.

The 12 Types of fecal we will look into are the 12 most common types of feces that we find in the Wildlife Control field in which the website is written for, there are many more types and shapes of fecal in the world, this is the ones that homeowners and business owners most commonly deal with.

Raccoon Feces

Skunk Feces

Bat Feces

K-9 Feces

Squirrel Feces

Snake Feces

Blue Tailed Skink Feces

Frog Feces

Deer Feces

Bird Feces

Rat Feces

Iguana Feces

These are the 12 most common types of feces that we seen in our everyday travels, we will put a brief description of the feces and provide you a link to a more specific page that will show you a photo and explain where you should expect to find these types of poop near your home.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided on these pages please do not hesitate to contact me from the contact us button on the page, If you have reached this pages beause you have a problem with a nuisance animal, you can contact one of the professional wildlife removal companies that we recommend. Simply click on the state and then the area that most closely relates to the area that the problem is in and call the number on the page. If no one is avaiable in your area, shoot me a email and I will find you someone in our trusted network to help you solve your wildlife problem.



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