Birds on Signs

Birds on signs is a very common problem that is found in all parts of the country, birds will take up space in just about any type of sign, Column signs, store front signs, any type of sign that offers birds a height advantage over predators. This is the reason that most birds roost in high places, this height advantage is huge in the survival of the birds and their continued existence. In this page will we help you determine the types of birds that are causing you problems on your sign and the best way to solve the problem with the birds. as you will learn, Not all wildlife control companies are capable of solving this problem, it will take a skilled certified company that has knowledge of this situation to solve the problem correctly. Not all signs are created equal and no two bird problems are addressed the same way, always consult a professional and let them make a educated evaluation of the job site.


Damage birds do to signs

Birds will damage signs by dropping their feces on it, bird feces is very high in acid and it will deteriorate metal and plastic at a very rapid pace. Bird feces has been linked to many structural problems including the August 1, 2007 bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was determined that years of bird feces weakened the structure to the point of collapse. This is a example of the damage that bird feces can do to any structure.

Types of birds that get on signs

Several types of birds are known to cause birds on sign problems, the most common is the pigeon. Pigeons are known to loaf around signs that are often high, these high standing signs make these birds feel safe and secure hanging out on these structures. House sparrows are another bird that has been known to frequent signs and make a mess, the biggest problem with both types of birds is their feces and health hazards associated with it.

Ways to rid signs of birds

There are several ways to solve the bird on sign problem, one of the most common way is to install bird spikes, this is sometimes a solutions that will work, but there are more effective ways to handle this problem, Bird track, lasers, and several other methods are a better solution to this unique problem that is found in every city in the united states.

Who to call?

There are wildlife control operators all over the country that can handle this type of problem, but you should really consider contacting a company that has national certification dealing with birds and the problems they cause. Bird dropping has been liked to several diseases, specifically histoplasmosis. This is a very dangerous disease that is often fatal in the young and the elderly. That’s why it is very important to have a certified company handle these problems, you can find a certified by control professional by sending us a contact us form, we will direct your information to the closest CERTIFIED bird control professional.

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