Snake in Attic of House

Snake in the attic of homes and buildlings is a call that we sometimes receive in the winter months, when snakes are looking for a heat source that is constant. Attic are a very consistant tempature in the winter months and since a snakes body heat is absorbed thru radiant sources and not self generated, then a attic is the perfect place for someone toi find a snake that happens to live in or near your home. We also have pages dedicated to types of snakes found in attics.
One very common question is “how did the snake get into my attic?” This is a very simple answer, Often times the snake will be a rat snake, these snakes a very good climbers and will often enter the homes atrtic thru the cracks and creivces of a construction gap, which is the break in the roof where the shingles meet the gutter. Oten times you will need a exclusion performed to the home in order to completely solve the problem of having a snake in the attic of your home.

What kind of snakes get into attic?

There are a verity of snakes that will find their way onto attics of peoples homes and buildlings, The most common type that is found in attics year round is the black rat snake. This snake is a very good climber and and can navigate its way into your attic thru the interior wall system of your home, often taking advantage of holes in the wall studding that were intended to pipes and wires as the home was constructed. Often times the plumbers and the HVACpeople will make their holes in the wall material excessively large in order for a pipe of duct to fit easier. This however creates a void that is accessable to snakes of all types. Often times the snakes in the attic is discovered by a Air Conditioning tech. that is doing service work in the attic, often times the snake is not seen but the snake shed is seen laying on the pipeing. This is a sure sign that you have had snakes in the attic. One of the very most common mistakes that people make is thinking they have a copperhead snake in the attic of thir home, this is never the case. We have been serving the wildlife industry for over 20 years and I have never seen a copperhead snake in a persons attic. This is not to say that it will never happen, we just do not see it everyday and the snake you have in your attic probally is not a copperhead.

How to treat the problem?

Snakes in the attic is a common problem that many people have, One thing that is very common for all of these people to have in common is a pest problem. Snakes will occupy a home for several reasons, food and shelter are the main reason and food being THE REASON the snakes is there. So with every snake in the attic job, there is a mouse or rat problem that will go right along with it. Most people do not see the mice or rats, that is because the snake is doing a very good job controling the population. Just because you do not see the rodents does not mean you do not have a problem. So to summerize this problem, you should Have a exclusion performed to your home, Control the rodent problem that you have a nd trap the snakes. The trapping will be easily done after you control the rodent problem, eliminating the snakes major food source will almost always send the snake to another location.
We have listed on the locate a pro page all of the companies in the United States that we recommend that performs snake work, This is a very specialized field and the work should only be completed by a trained professional that deals with snakes. A pest control company is NOT usually trained in snake control. You can find the group of companies we recommend and the areas they service in our wildlife professional expert page. Just click on the state, click on the areas that is closest to your location and call the number listed on the page.

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