This is the Python that is found in the Florida Everglades! The Asian rock python is one of south Florida’s up and coming nuisance pest snake and their control and removal is very difficult and dangerous. With their immense size the Asian rock python can very easily crush a healthy adult by constricting them(squeezing them) to death. The control or removal of these snakes should never be attempted by a untrained person without the proper equipment. Once again these snakes grow to be very large and are very difficult to handle even with the proper equipment You can find a Rock Python removal professional here!

How did the Rock Python get to South Florida?

How did the rock python get established in South Florida? That’s a very good questions and one that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has been trying to figure out for years. These snakes are very invasive and once the population starts to reproduce in the wild it is virtually impossible to stop. These snakes can have clutches of up to 30 babys snakes at one time. Doing some simple math you can figure out that a breeding pair of these snakes could really get out of hand with in a couple of years. Some of the cities we service and some services we offer are: Miami Wildlife & Snake Removal we also service Homestead Wildlife & Snake Removal and also service the area of Ft Lauderdale Wildlife and Snake Removal, all others can generally call 1800-842-7296 for Rock Python Removal.

How big do these rock pythons get?

These snake will grow to over 20 foot long in the wild, ii fact it is common for one of the snakes to be found near the everglades to be over 20 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds. This is the one factor that makes the control and removal of the rock python so dangerous. When they are picked up the immediately start to try to coil around what has grabbed it, they are very aggressive snakes!

How to get rid of Rock pythons in South Florida

Getting rid of rock pythons in south Florida will prove to be a very difficult task, as these snakes have been reproducing in the wild for over 20 years. their numbers are estimated by the state of Florida to exceed over 10,000 snakes. One very interesting factor that has recently been brought into the rock python problem is the possibility of the rock python breeding with the Burmese Python. these snakes carry the same reproduction system and the process is exactly the same. So the possibility of the snakes cross breeding is very high and very likely.

What kind of snake would a Cross Breeding produce?

Cross Breeding of these two snakes has been done in a controlled environment, however it is very difficult to determine if it has happened in the wild. The result of the controlled breeding produced a very aggressive python that looked exactly like a Rock Python but had the aggression of the Burmese Python. This could be a very difficult snake to control given thye size of the Burmese Python and the aggression of the Rock. There is TV shows that play on Animal Planet that lists these animals as super snakes.. You can find out more information on Florida’s Burmese Python problem here. Or you can go to our general snake removal page to find other information on snakes!
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