Coral snake Removal in North America is a very rare occurance!
Coral snakes are dry snakes, which means that they don't like to be around water. These snakes prefer dry land and heat. So if you live in a dry, heated area you most likely have coral snakes around. These snakes are very harmful to humans, but would never intentionally bite unless they feel threatened or in danger. These snakes like to feed on smaller snakes, mice, birds, lizards, and many other small animals they can overpower.

If you have a coral snake problem in your home or structure, the best solution is to give you local animal control company a call. The information can be found on the previous pages, just click your state and BAM! We'll have your area's best pest control company's ready for action.

Another solution is to eliminate the food sources. These mice and other animals are around your home or structure to get food. You can have your home or structure inspected by a pest control pro to eliminate the food sources. Having the food sources removed from the area will force the snake to search for food in another area, which solves your un-wanted pest problem!


Coral snakes are snakes are red, yellow and black snakes. Always keep this in your head, red on yellow kill a fellow, red on black, friend of Jack. That should let you know right away that these snakes will indeed "kill a fellow" if they bite. Coral snakes are not fighters for the record. They will attempt to flee when confronted by a human or something bigger than they are. They will bite if they feel that there is no other option though. They are very venomous. Like mentioned before, these snakes are not fighters, but if you just so happen to be bitten by one, you will definitely want to get immediate health care. If health care is not met with in an hour after the bite, it can result in a serious infection that requires to be surgically removed, or even death.

Coral snakes are not very big. The biggest one on records is 5 feet. That may see big to many folks, but once on sees how thin these snakes are you'll be thinking different. They are carnivorous like all snakes, feeding on smaller snakes, birds, lizards, and small rodents. They are most likely to be found on dry land due to the fact that they always need to be in heat. Some species of coral snakes do like to be around water, but the species can only be found in other countries.

There is not a whole lot of information on coral snake mating and reproduction, but what most experts do know is that they mate in spring, and can lay anywhere from 5 to 20 eggs.
Most Common questions about coral snakes:

How to get rid of Coral snake?

you should never try to get rid of a coral snake yourself, they are the most venomus snake in the US>always call a professional!

I have coral snakes in my garage,what do I do?

You could should always call a professional snake removal agent listed on this page, Select the locate a pro from the top of this page and Navigate to your state then your closest city to find the professional coral snake removal agent nearest you! DO NOT ATTEMT TO REMOVE THE CORAL SNAKE YOURSELF!

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