Types of Snakes in Attics

Snakes in the attic of homes is one of the most common calls that a wildlife removal company receives regarding snake.
The types of snakes that is most commonly found in the attic portion of homes and buildings throughout the United States is the rat snake
There are several different types of rats snakes found in the United States and of each of these types there are many different color variations of these rats snakes.
In the mid Atlantic region the color of a rat snake can range from a very dark black color which is the most common type to a dull grey color.
In many areas of the south eastern part of United States the rat snake color scheme will go from a light tan to a yellow color. It seems that the color of the snake is conducive to its environment in colder areas the snake seems to be darker in color as it needs the constant sunlight in order to produce its body heat, in the southern zone the snake seems to be colored slightly lighter The calls of the intense climate.

Why is the snake in my attic?

Snakes are often found in the attic area of homes and buildings the calls they are there competing for a readily available food source such as mice and rats.
There may be a snake in the attic portion of your home and building for a very long time and you wouldn't even know it most homeowners discover they have a snake in the attic by finding a shed skin which the Rat snake leave behind as it grows.
This is the most common type of evidence that one can look for to determine if they in fact have snakes in the attic.

How to remove the snake from the attic?

The removal of the snake from the attic portion of a homer building can be a very difficult task. Often times attic areas are very tight and cramped spaces making access every difficult it is in these areas that makes this task a problem that is best handled by a professional wildlife removal company.
There are many hazards which go along with removing a snake from the attic portion of the home one of the hazards is the very hot atmosphere that exist in the attic area of the house, and the possibilities of falling through the ceiling and the inability to quickly escape from A situation should the need arise.
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