Does moth balls work for snake prevention?

baby rat snake on mothballsIt has never been scientifically proven that mothballs work to prevent snakes from being in a specific area, snakes have very different ways of interpreting information then what us mammals do ,their sense of smell is almost nonexistent. Snakes gather their information in several ways, one way that snakes gather information is from their eyes, visually seeing their surroundings is one way a snake gathers information about his surroundings.
The second way that a snake gathers information about the surroundings is through a gland in its mouth called a Jacob’s gland.
As the snake Flick's his tongue in and out of its mouth when the tongue comes back into the mouth it is ran across a gland called a Jacobs gland that takes a small sample from the particles on the tongue and sends the results to the snakes brain,this is the main sensory in any type of snake.

What type of snakes would you use mothballs to repeal?

I have seen mothballs used in an attempt to treat snakes of many different species rattlesnakes, copperheads, water moccasins, garden-variety snakes, and especially black rat snakes also commonly known as black snakes. I have found with every type of snake that mothballs are used to attempt eradication ultimately fails

How does mothballs repel snakes anyway?

mothballsFor many years it was thought that mothballs would have rented adverse affect on the snake through a combination of multiple ingredients which when combined together have a hideous smell.
However, as science involves and we learn more and more about snakes in their biology we have determined that mothballs have absolutely no effect on the snakes and their ability to survive in a particular area that is treated with the chemicals that mothballs are made of. We believe that this is a old wives tale that has been around since mothballs were first manufactured in the

Is there any harmful ingredients inside mothballs?

Mothballs are made of many types of chemicals the two main ingredients bees saw for any chemical called naphthalene, These chemicals have never proven harmful to humans in a medical way however their smell is very offensive and wants the smell permeates a home is very difficult to totally remove this mail from the home. If you feel you have a snake problem in your home instead of putting mothballs in every corner and every closet you should call a snake removal professional from your local area they will be able to help you solve your snake problem without the offensive odor of mothballs

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