Garter Snake removal and control is the most common call a animal removal professiona receives in the spring of the year and we will continue to receive these calls throught the entire year. The garter snake is certainly the most common snake found in North America. These snakes range from Alaska, Canada and in just about every state in North America, in fact it is the only species of snake found in Alaska. These snakes do not grow very big, the biggest they usually get is around 4 feet, but don't let their small size fool you, these snakes are very temperamental. If these snakes are disturbed or feel they are in danger, they will coil and strike. They have also been known to spray off a musky scent from a gland near their belly. These snakes are meat eaters like all snakes. Their diet consists of any small animal or reptile that they can overpower like birds, fish, toads and frogs. These are some very beneficial snakes. These Snakes go into brumation before mating. Brumation in a reptile is the lethargic state that the snake or lizard goes into during cold weather; in Mammals this is called hibernation. This state of the snake can last for days or weeks and in some colder climates like Hammond, IN last for months! The garter snake will stop eating for about two weeks before hand to clear their stomach of any food that would rot in their stomach. Garter snakes begin the mating process as soon as they emerge from brumation. The males mate with several females during mating season. As few as 3 and as many as 80 snakes are born in a single litter. WOW, that’s a lot of snakes! For a great amount of time, garter snakes were thought to be non-venomous. Well that great amount of time thought wrong. In recent discoveries scientists have proved that they do in fact produce venom but there is no reason to worry, the amount of venom that they produce is definitely not enough to kill or even harm a human. A garter snake bite will however result in swelling and a lot of itching, but no records have ever shown death. Garter snake removal and control is common and all nuisance snake control operators are equipped to handle such call, if you have a Garter snake removal and control problem please choose your State from the left hand side of this page, then Choose your closest city that best represents your location. Call the number on the page to get in contact with a garter snake removal and control professional! Some emails we receive about Garter Snakes: This snake is also known to be found in homes and buildings.

  • I saw what I beleive is a garter snake under my deck and would like a qoute on its removal and inspection of the property of any futher snakes, thank you
  • I have a snake that I have found in my basement and it looks to be yellow in color with stripes on it, if I send a picture can you help me ID the snake? Yes we can help you ID a garter snake!

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