Snakes in Woodpile Control

Snakes in the wood piles are a very common problem that many homeowners in the United States have, Simply because of the fact that the wood pile is providing a snake with a nice dry place to live and hunt. Snakes are not necessarily as attracted to woodpiles as are the food that the snakes eat. Rats, Mice, squirrels and other rodents love to inhabit woodpiles and male the crevices and cracks of the woodpile home. This in turn does attract the snakes to the area in hopes of landing a easy meal. Other animals are also attracted to wood piles such as moles, voles and shrew’s also find nice big wood piles home.

What can I do about Snakes in the woodpile?

There is only really one thing you can do to eliminate snakes in the wood pile around the home, you basically need to remove the wood piles from around the home and move them to a area that is not near the home or to a area that you do not frequent as much, it is inherent that snakes will be around the woodpile. You must figure out you comfort level with the snakes, if you are not comfortable with snakes at all, then you need to eliminate the woodpiles from around the home completely. This can be done by you or you can hire a wildlife removal company, we have a list of companies that we recommend for this service lox=cated in our locate a wildlife professional section. We know these companies and find that they do a good job helping homeowners such as yourself.

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