Squirrel Removal Situations

Squirrel will get themselves in some very awkward situations; the general everyday curiosity of the squirrel in general is just amazing. Squirrels will investigate trees, buildings, houses, Parking garages and anything else it thinks is a possible housing area. This general noisiness is typically done by the female squirrel; she is always on a constant hunt to find the next place to have a litter of babies. In these pages we will try to define several situations in which squirrels find themselves in and the many ways they can become a nuisance to property owners and provide information on the damage they can do. Grey Squirrels, The most problematic squirrel on the planet, this squirrel is native to much of the United States and is quite comfortable with the human population. Grey squirrels will approach people in parks and other areas looking for handouts, therefore they become really comfortable with people in general. To find out more info on Grey Squirrel removal go here This is the first step to a animal becoming a problem, Squirrels in general are wild animals, they should be afraid of the presence of people. But since they are not, they climb on homes and buildings, as they climb on these structures, they find holes or structural imperfections in which by their natural curiosity, they investigate. Then comes the time for a female squirrel to enter the breeding cycle, she is bred by a male squirrel and the female enters a period called the nesting period. The nesting period is a time after the female squirrel has been bred when she starts her search for a SAFE place to have her offspring. This is where those structural imperfections come back into play, The female squirrel remembered all the places she investigated and will go back to the best one and start making a nest to have her babies. Usually this is where the problem begins. We have many pages written about squirrels and their removal, We have tried to write a page for each general situation and I will list the pages as we go thru them here. When the phone starts ringing it is usually people having a complaint that they have squirrels in the attic, This is a very common problem here in the United States, so much so we have written a page on squirrels in my attic After the squirrels in the attic calls begin to subside a bit, the calls will usually switch to a deeper problems, Usually its squirrels in my walls, this happens after the squirrel has entered the attic and has found a passage way into a wall, this is where the squirrel feels extra secure because the wall cubby feels like a natural crevice where a squirrel should have their babies. You can find more info on squirrels in walls here,  Many people that call our professional wildlife removal companies have the same question, How do I get rid of the squirrels, the answer is simple, Call a professional, they will usually reccomend a squirrel exclusion be performed. these animals are some of the most destructive creatures on earth, once they gain access to your attic space they will chew wires, urinate and defecate on insulation, and chew on rafters and support beams, often weakening them to the point of collapse, we have compiled a page that you can find on the link provided called how to get rid of squirrels and the page has a lot of info on squirrel removal and control.

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