My home has too many squirrels living around it; Should I get rid of them?
If you’re a homeowner in a heavily wooded area, you probably have a lot of squirrels as neighbors. Most of the time, a few squirrels are just fine to have around a property. In fact, they can be a great part of the ecosystem.

Squirrels are nature’s seed dispersers. If you watch closely, you'll see squirrels hiding nuts and seeds in a variety of places, usually burying them in the soil. But just like any imperfect living creature, squirrels are forgetful. And when squirrels forget where they hid their nuts, a tree eventually sprouts up. So, naturally, squirrels can be great tree planters!

But what about when squirrels become a pest animal, a nuisance, or when the squirrel population around your property is just too much? If there are no real predators, a squirrel population can rise faster than you’d like. In response to a growing population of squirrels, you may encounter squirrels ransacking your bird feeders or destroying your garden. Even worse, squirrels moving into your attic, walls, crawl spaces, barns, or roofs. When a family of squirrels moves in, it can mean disaster!

The best way to handle a squirrel invasion is to prevent it from happening.

For situations like this, it’s best to handle a squirrel problem with the assistance of wildlife removal professionals. Wildlife specialists can help trap and relocate squirrels to other areas where overpopulation is not an issue. They can also work with you to keep pest animals out of your home with exclusion services. Many times, homeowners aren’t aware of the many easy ways that rodents, squirrels and bats enter their home.

To keep squirrels away from your home, we have listed some tips to try to keep the squirrel population down in your neighborhood, and away from your home.

What Repels Squirrels?

  • Predatory birds are a squirrel’s worst nightmare.
  • Using decoys that look like hawks and owls may deter squirrels, but unless you have a motion activated decoy, you may not outsmart the squirrel for very long. It is best to move the deterrents from time to time if and when they get keen on your scheme.

  • White pepper and cayenne scent frequently discourage squirrels.
  • Many homeowners try the method of sprinkling plants with flakes of cayenne pepper to keep unwelcome pests out of a garden. Squirrels also dislike garlic and black pepper smells.

  • High-frequency sound machines have been known to repel squirrels.
  • Of course, there are probably a dozen DIY methods to repel squirrels. But if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working, the best call you’ll make is to your local wildlife removal company. Many are licensed professionals with years of experience trapping and removing squirrels and other pest animals.

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