squirrel removal, attic, chimneySquirrels in the walls is a very common cal we get in the spring and late summer of the year. Squirrels will enter the walls thru the attic area of the home and work their way into the wall cavity where they build a nest and start the process preparing to have babies. Squirrels will breed two times a year and will usually use the same nesting areas found in wall cavity time after time! So if you have a squirrel in the wall, you should have it removed as soon as you become aware of the situation. The squirrel will do great damage to the walls sheet rock and wiring if left alone. Squirrels are responsible for over 40 percent of electrical fires that are found in home containing the rodent. If you have a squirrel I your wall, you should contact an animal removal professional at once, to find a quality company to remove the squirrel from your wall you can click here.

Squirrels Scratching in the walls

Squirrels scratching in the walls is a very common sound that a lot of our customers report. This is the sound that squirrels make after they have started the birthing process and are actually in labor, since a squirrels baby is typically 80% bigger than most animal babies, the female squirrel really has to work hard to get the babies expelled. This is where the scratching comes into play. The female squirrel is actually loosing up their leg muscles in order to help their body expel the oversize baby. This is a very strenuous event in the mama squirrels life and it is usually followed by several days of complete quiet. This is the time that the mother squirrel is recuperating from her birthing experience. We have a generalized squirrel removal page that deals with many types of situations, that can be found in our squirrel removal section.

Baby Squirrels in my walls

Once baby squirrels are born in your walls, they can be very problematic to deal with.Usually you have two options, you can have a animal removal company come in and cut the wall to gain access to the nest site, or you can wait the 6 to 8 weeks until the babies are fully able to climb from the wall cavaity. Keep in mind this will be a very long six weeks. The squirrels have no concept of day or night and will keep you awake running and Jumping. All this is going on while you are trying to sleep! The best solution is to have a professional squirrel removal company come and completely handle the problem of squirrels in the walls.

Some of the other things we take care of are squirrels in the attic and all other squirrel removal and control issues. You may need to have a squirrel exclusion performed to your home.

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