How to get rid of squirrels from my house is the number one email we receive from internet users who have found our website thru searches, We are a professional squirrel removal company and the methods we use are tried and true In this page I will go over several ways that we as a company works best for removing squirrels from the attic area of your house. But first let’s talk a little bit about the squirrel in general! There are several different types of squirrels in the US that have been known to invade people’s homes and attic spaces. I will provide a link to the different species of the rodents that will try to take up residence in your attic, these are Flying Squirrels, Grey Squirrels, and Fox Squirrels. There are several other types of squirrels in the US, but these are the types that are commonly found to invade attics of homes. If you are looking for generalized squirrel removal topics go here.

Common Entry points for Squirrels

There are several, actually many places a squirrel can gain entry to one’s home, there are the Ridge Vents, the Gable Vents and the Attic Fan Vents. These are the most common places for a squirrel infestation to start. However it usually does not stop there. Once the squirrels are inside the attic area, they will chew a secondary hole in the house, this serves as another entry or exit point, all animals do this. This assures that they always have another way out of their living quarters should the primary way of exit is blocked, (Yes they are that smart!). Should all the gable vents and attic fan vents be secured with the proper screening and the squirrels are still entering a home, then odds are they have chewed a hole in the fascia or soffit area of the home. These holes often range in size from small (size of a quarter) to very large (the size of a softball). The size of the hole is often related to the size of your intruder, small quarter size holes is usually related to smaller squirrels such as flying squirrels whereas the larger holes are often related to the larger variety of squirrels such as the gray squirrel and the fox squirrel. Keep in mind, if you leave the animal in the attic area for a long time, you may need some Insulation replacement, so this is a time sensitive issue. we also have a article that may interest you about squirrels in the ridge vent

Is there a way to solve my problem?

Simple answer! Yes there is a way to solve the problem of squirrels entering your home, There are a couple of different ways of doing it, the first way, which is the old fashioned way involves you using a cage trap and trapping the squirrels as they climb on the roof of your home. You simply go to the trap store, buy a cage trap that is suitable for catching squirrels and bait it. In a matter of weeks you should have caught all the squirrels that are causing problems with your home (in the meantime, the other squirrels are still chewing holes in your home). The second way, which happens to be the best way, is to have a squirrel exclusion done to your home by a professional exclusion company that specializes in sealing homes that are prone to wildlife damage. This often calls for special equipment such as 40 foot ladders, metal breaks and special metal cutters. The exclusion experts then start to seal all the potential places in your home that could possibly have squirrels accessing your interior space. This is often done with metal sheeting cut to certain lengths and widths to match the needs of the house. This is why every house is different; one house may have a roofline that is sealed tight and have other areas that have cracks in them. Then the next house has a crack all the way around it, these cracks are often called construction gaps. Almost every house built after 1960 has a construction gap.

What is a construction gap?

A construction gap is what most exclusion experts refer to as the crack around the roofline of your house, usually where the plywood from the roof sheeting meets the fascia board (the board the gutter is attached to) where the two meet together is usually a large crack, large enough for small rodents to gain entry to your home, and with a little chewing, just the right size for a gray squirrel to find entry into your attic. This is the most common entry point and often the most common place that a professional will suggest work to be done. this process is called a squirrel exclusion. This is also the most expensive type of work for a professional wildlife removal company to do. We have compiled a list of qualified wildlife removal companies in several states that are trained to perform this task. you can find the wildlife professional in your area by clicking the link provided. Should you have any questions, please email us directly and I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can. Update: Squirrels are starting you chew into homes and buildings in the eastern Part of the US!

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