Squirrel Exclusion

A squirrel exclusion is needed when a particular home has several vunerable points the squirrels are using to access the home. This is particularly true when trying to seal a home from flying squirrels. When you perform a squirrel exclusion, it becomes necessary to seal shut all areas of a home except one point. This is the point where the one way door is to be set. The reason that the home needs to be sealed is simple, if you exclude the home with the points still venerable, the squirrels will simply chew in another hole somewhere else on the house.

Construction Gaps

The most common need to have a exclusion performed on your home is if you have what's called a construction gap. A construction gap is a space that is between the roof sheeting and the fascia board (the board that holds on the gutter). In a perfect world the sheeting would meet the fascia board with a tight fit. However sloppy building practices seldom make this a reality.
The correct way to seal a home with a large construction gap is to bridge the gap with custom bent metal from a metal break machine. This will eliminate the gap that exist between the roof sheeting and the fascia board, limiting the area that squirrels can re-enter inot a homes attic area.
These gaps exist in newer homes that were built after 1970, older homes usually do not have this problem and are usually built better than the newer larger homes we see built today. Flying squirrels are an animal that is notorious for taking advantage of these wide construction gaps. The most common way for a wildlife removal company to price these exclusion jobs is by the foot. An Inspector will take a measuring wheel or tape measure around the home and measure the areas that have gutters, this area is then multiplied by the cost per foot, to generate a total cost. The exclusion process usually takes a couple of days to complete. The home can be sealed in a day and the exclusion of the animals will usually take 1-3 days to achieve complete removal.
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