squirrel removal, attic, chimneyEastern gray squirrels are the most common types of squirrels in the United States and one of the most common types of squirrels that animal removal one animal control agents deal with on a regular basis. The Eastern gray squirrel comes in several different color phases some of the Eastern gray squirrels have a reddish color to their coat , other Eastern gray squirrels have a black each tint to their coats, most Eastern gray squirrels have a white underbelly. However the father South you go the lighter color the Eastern gray squirrels tends to exhibit.

Eastern gray squirrels are typically found on the East Coast and many parts of the Midwest they are found sporadically in California, Oregon and Washington. But with no regularity throughout the upper Western part of the United States.

Gray squirrels believe a great variety of foods and will adapt fairly quickly to very unusual food sources such as oranges, grapefruit, and other audio types of food sources that are readily available. Gray squirrels are survivors and will adapt easily to consume whatever is available in abundance.

Most of the time gray squirrels breed when they are one-year-old their breeding season starts in late the December and runs through early January. When a Eastern gray squirrel has babies they typically have 4 to 6 babies in a litter. When a new batch of squirrels are born the baby squirrels typically weigh about one half of an ounce each. They will gain approximately 1 ounce every week for the first eight weeks of their lives. When they reach an age of eight weeks the Eastern gray squirrel will venture out into the world for the first time.

Types of Damage the Eastern Grey Squirrels will cause

Eastern gray squirrels will calls many different types of damage to many different types of structures, in the wild gray squirrels will calls damage to trees by chewing on the barking branches often killing limbs and whole trees. In a more suburban environment gray squirrels typically calls damage by chewing into homes and buildings with their sharp front teeth. The damage comes from the squirrel going damage to would work and metalwork on the exterior of buildings. Damage also comes from insulation damage and wiring damage that is done to a structure after the Eastern gray squirrel has made entry into the attic area of one's home.

This is the most alarming kind of damage that the Eastern gray squirrel can do as this situation is very probable to cause house fires. It is estimated that 40% of unexplained fires in the United States is due to rodents gnawing on interior and exterior wiring. Squirrels are also responsible for approximately 18% of all power outages in the United States. Squirrels typically chewed into power transformers and substations which will eventually short out the system and cause an immediate power failure. Therefore this makes the squirrel the second most expensive animal in the United States that homeowners and industrial companies have problems with. The most expensive being the raccoon. Some of the many problems we have with squirrels are squirrel in the wall and Squirrels in the attic.

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