Bats in the Walls

Bats in the walls is a very common problem to have for homeowners that live in many parts of the United States. Most of the time these bats will be in the fourm of a micro bat such as a evening bat or a little brown bat

There are many problems that go along with having bats in your wall, one of the problems would be a excessive amount of bat guano to build up in the wall cavities of your home,  there are numerous health hazards associated with humans and bat guano, most of them being associated with the upper respiratory system.  Bat guano is associated with the respiratory disease histoplasmosis. This respiratory disease has been associated with numerous deaths in the United States each year.

How to get the bats out of my wall?

This is a very common question and one that would require a on-site visit by trained that control expert. Bats gain access to wall cavities in many different ways it could be from a vent pipe that goes to the outside of the home, it could be from the attic area of the home, or it could be from a low crack in the foundation. There are many ways that a bat can gain access to the wall cavity of your home.

What is the cost associated with this?

The cost to remove bats for my wall cavity varies from situation to situation however you should expect there to be a inspection charge, a exclusion charge and a cleanup charge. All three of these charges are covered under most valid homeowners insurance policies and any prominent wildlife control company can assist you in filing the appropriate paperwork to have these charges covered under your insurance.










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