Bat guano cleanup from the attic portion of a home is a very common job that most professional bat removal experts can handle. This type of job takes specialized equipment that is designed to remove all material in attic areas, material such as insulation, bat guano, old debris and any other item that is in the attic area that could be contaminated.
Special vacuums are designed to remove all of these contaminates all at once, significantly decreasing the time that that a company spends inside a contaminated attic. These Vacuums are very expensive and only companies that do this job on regular bases will own these machines. Be careful of companies that rent these machines, if they do not do enough work to own the machine, then they are probably not qualified to perform this type of job on your home. This is very critical, as you do not want unqualified people doing this type of work.
Before you hire anyone to remove bat guano from the attic portion of your home you should always verfy that the company has:

  • All the right equipment to do the job!!
  • The correct license to perform the work!!
  • The acceptable amount of insurance should the job go bad!!
  • What are the hazrds in Bat Guano?

    There are many hazards when extracting bat guano from the attic of a home, there is always the falling hazard, where some unqualified contractor falls thru the ceiling of your home. This creates several problems. The first problem this creates is it breaks the sheetrock on your ceiling; the ceiling is a very difficult place to repair damaged sheetrock and often times a professional will have to be called in to make the area look correct again. The second and most important problem that this creates is it breaks the barrier that is shielding your home from the containments that are in your attic. When this happens, your entire home should be cleaned and disinfected. This is often very expensive and often done by a professional company that specializes in house remediation. This is often charged to the company that has caused the problem (or their insurance). This is why it is important to verify that the company has the amount of insurance necessary to do the work on your home.
    We have also created a bat calendar which you can view to find out what bats are doing in your area every month of the year.
    We have many pages on several different species of bats, please use our main bat removal page for specific species of bats needing controlled. we also have pages dedicated to bat bug control.
    We Service the entire east coast of the United States, If you have any specific questions about bat guano cleanup, just shoot us a email and let us know how we can help.

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