Bat Removal from the Attic

Bat removal from the attic space of a home is a very common call that most animal removal and control companies receive in the late spring to late fall time frame. This is when the bats are the most active and seem to be almost everywhere! Bats are colonized animals and seem to be very at home in really dark hot places such as the attic space of a house. This is where the female bat will have her babies and the attic area will act as a incubator of sorts. When bats are born, they are naked, meaning they have no fur at all. The mother bat does not have enough weight or fur to keep the baby warm by passing on body heat. So what does a mother bat do??? Simple she has her babies where it is already your attic!

Bat removal and control is a process that we recommend that you hire a professional,You can find a list of professional bat removal companies for any given area of the country by clicking here

Bats in the attic can cause very serious problems and should not be allowed to stay in your attic once they have been discovered. To find out more, go to our bat in the house page

Bats in attic Vent screen

Another very common problem that has been popping up a lot lately is bats in the attic vent of a home or business, The vents in the attic is a very comfortable place for bats to be in the summer months. The bats will locate themselves in a vent in the attic and as the air naturally pulls thru the vent, the air cools the bats body temperature. This is a wonderful thing for a bat as it is really susceptible to temperature changes. You will usually find the bats in the vent screens after the baby bats have started to fly. This is usually after they have been through the attic incubation period and are totally mobile and can get around really easy. To solve this problem of bats in the attic vent problem, one should first determine if the bats are on the inside or the outside of the vent. If the bats are on the inside of the vents then you will usually have to do a bat exclusion to the entire attic for the process to be effective. If the bats are on the outside of the vent screens then you should make sure the wire is stapled securely and if possible reinforce the vents screen with some more wire. Bats are a very beneficial animal to have around the house. They eat several hundred bugs a night each and should be treated with respect. To have a bat exclusion professionally done to your home, you should contact a professional from the link above. If you have a problem with bat guano cleanup You should look to hire a pro, Guano is toxic and if handled without the proper equipment, could harm you.

This is a bat removal jon from a clay tile roof in Southern Florida, this is common in all areas that have clay tile roofs. To find a professional near you, please select your state from the locate a pro tab then click the area this is closest to you and call the number, that operator will help you!
For your information we have also created a bat calendar, on this page you can determine what bats are doing in your area all year round.

We have many pages on several different species of bats, please use our main bat removal page for specific species of bats needing controlled.. We also have pages about bat bug control,. If you have any questions about bat removal from the attic area of your home, just shoot us a email and let us know how we can help.

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