Little brown bats are the most common bats in the United states, they ae found in almost all parts of the United states and their numbers are thought to be in the 10's of billions. They were once the most numerous mammal in the United States. A fugus called white nose syndrome has hurt their numbers in the last several years, but their is still bllions of Little brown bats that fly around on a nightly bases eating mosquitoes and other bugs that make up their diet. This is one of the most beneficial animals in the world, These animal are "protected" in may states and great care should be taken when dealing with these delicate animals.

What does a little brown Bat look like?

Little brown bats are exactly what the name implies..Little!
Their fur is brown, they have really bigs ears in paportion to their bodies and their wing span is aboiut 8 to 10 inches in width, They weigh anywhere from 8 to 14 grams, which is between a quater and a half ounce. This is one small creature!

Why are they in my attic?

Little brown bats are very small as we have outlined already, these bats will form colony groups in warm places such as attics of homes and buildlings in order to help incubate their babys when they are born. With bats being small they are unable to keep their newly birthed baby warm, the babies are born naked meaning hairless. Attics and other areas are used as a make shift incubators to keep these babys warm in this very critical time in the baby bats life. You can find more information on bats in the attic here

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