They keep their babies close and nurture them carefully. The young bats are suckled by their mothers for four to five weeks until they are old enough to fly. They then begin to venture out from the roost to forage for food.Bats in Church buildlings are a very common occurance, Bats will make their home in churches because of several reasons and in this page we will go over what you should do if you have bats in the church

Churches make one of the best spots for bats to live for sevral reasons, its quiet on most days and the bell tower of older churches is usually higher, which evevates the bats, which makes them feel safer, also this colony of bats could be a maternaty colony of bats, in which the colony needs heat, heat rises and bell towers are the perfect place, this is usually the hottest place in the church. This heat is needed for the adult bat to raise their young, since baby bats are born with no hair or "naked" thiss heat is needed to keep their body tempature at a toasty 98 degrees. This high temp keep the baby bat growing and with 5 to 7 weeks the baby bat should be out flying and foraging for itself.


What can be done about bats in the church?


Bats in the church problem can be corrected, any bat colony can be relocated with enough effort and experience from the bat expert. This method is called a bat exclusion. A bat exclusion is performed by a qualified bat control company and usually seals up all potential entry points but one, the one that is left open is then covered with a exclusion tube, sometimes refered to as a one way door. once all the bats has exited the one way door, they are no longer available to re-access the attic portion of the church. This essentally lets them out, but not back in!!  This method is a very enviromentaly efficient way to treat a bat problem. Bat Council Internation, which is the international authority on bats reccomend this method and only this method as a reccomended way to treat a bat problem.

There are times however when this method should not be used to treat a bat problem, birthing time and baby bats should be taken into consideration when trying to figure out the best solution to solving a bat in the church problem. as a general rule, bat exclusions should not be performed in the months of June , July and August in the United States. This is the time period in which 98 percent of the bats are born in the US. There are exceptions to the rule but as a general guideline


When should we remove the bats?

Bats should be removed from the church anywhere between the months of May and September, these are the months that bats in churches should not be disturbed because of the presence of baby bats, we usually do bat exclusions between September 1st and May 15th. There are exceptions to this rule and a complete bat assement of the church should be done in order to accurately determine when the bats can be excluded from the area. All states are differant and you should check with you local laws pretaing to bat removal to get the exact dates.

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