Bat Bug Infestation, Bat Bug Control

Bat bug infestations and the need to control bat bugs is a very common call that many wildlife removal companies receive in the spring, summer and fall times of the year. some companies will often refer this problem over to a pest control company thinking the bat bugs are another parasite known as a bed bug. These two parasites are very commonly misdiagnosed and treatment by the pest control company is often not effective. Simply because the root of the problem is often in the walls, or attic area of a home. These bugs are often assocuated with bat guano cleanup.
Bat bugs are in fact just that, bugs that are found on bats, the more bats that a colony has, the more bat bugs are in your house. Often times the bat bugs will find their way into the living quarters of homes and are discovered on bedding such as sheets, pillow cases, bed spreads and other items that are white in color. This is not because they are attracted to white colors; this is because they are easier to see on the white piece of fabric making them more noticeable.

What is a bat bug?

We will start of by explaining what a bat bugs is, what it feeds off of and why its there.
What are bat bugs: Bat bugs are parasites that feed primarily off of the blood of bats, They are in the family of Cimicidae, they are also related to the Polycteniade family of parasites. Bed bugs also fall into this Family of insects and the two are often mistaken for each other. You have to have a microscope to tell the difference between the bed bug and the bat bug, but I will attempt to explain: The fringe hair on the bat bugs thorax is at least as wide as the eye of the bat bug, a bed bugs thorax hair is slightly less than the width of its eye. This is basically the only difference between the two parasites.
What do bat bugs eat? Bat bugs feed primarily off of the blood of bats, however there have been documented cases where bat bugs will feed on human blood and use humans as its host.

Why do I have bat bugs?Bat buts are very common on the eastern part of the United States, and are found in homes and buildings that are infested with bats, if a home or building has a bat infestation; it is very probable that the home or building also has bat bugs.

The treatment for bat bugs is sometimes a two part treatment, One part of the treatment is getting rid of the bats that are in the home, after this is accomplished, then and only then can you have the home treated for bat bugs.

One word of caution, if you have the bats removed from the home, you must have the home treated for bat bugs, for the simple reason once the bats are gone, the bat bugs will start exploring looking for a new host. If the bat bugs find a human as a host they will attach themselves to you, however humans are not their ideal host.

What is the treatment for bat bugs?
The treatment for bat bugs is very similar to the treatment for bed bugs, however a wildlife removal company will have to exclude the structure before a viable bat bug treatment can be implicated.
Some of the chemicals that are used to treat bat bugs is bifenthrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, deltamethrin, and beta-cyfluthrin. These are all registered chemicals for bed bugs, However they are just as effective for bat bugs as long as their host source is gone.

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