Skunks under steps is the number one problem any wildlife removal professionals deal with on a consistent bases in the Late Fall, to Early Winter months. This problem occurs all across the United States and is not specific to any particular area. This is a common problem in Alexandria, VA, Los Angeles, CA and all areas in Between. We will discuss this problem and try to explain why this happens bellow. Another problem we get is skunks under house, This to is a common problem that is very similar to the skunk under step problem we are talking about here.

Why Do skunks get under my steps?

Skunks will get under your porch for usually one reason, They are getting into a comfortable spot in order to have a place to spend the winter and have babies. The most common reason we are called to a homeowners house is to eliminate a problem which they may have noticed months earlier. But most people do not call until they have a very strong smell in their home and can not remove it. This is caused when a skunk sprays its defense mechanism. This is a musty smelling oil substance that skunks can spray up to 20 feet with unbelievable accuracy. This is one of the only ways a skunk can protect its self from natural predators such as coyotes and wolves or any other animal looking to make a meal out of it.

How do I get rid of a skunk under steps?

The most simple way to remove a skunk from under your steps is to have a professional skunk trapper, trap the animal with various types of traps and baits that are known only to attract skunks. you will be able to find a professional animal removal expert here This will be the most fool proof way of getting rid of the skunks from under your steps. The other method would be to trap the skunk in a trap that you purchased from a hardware store or from one of the internet trap supply companies. The only problem with this method is once you trap a skunk, you either have to humanely euthanize the skunk or let it go from the trap in an approved area.

Challenges of letting a skunk go from a trap

Letting the skunk go from a trap poses several different challenges to a homeowner, First when a untrained human approaches a skunk in a trap, the first thing that is going to happen is the skunk is going to spray you with its unpleasant oily musk. Now you not only stink, you stink and still have a trapped skunk in the trap. You should never attempt to do this. The other option you have when a skunk is in a trap and you do not want to attempt to open the trap is to call a professional to come and remove the animal from our property. This is all well and good, but most likely is going to cost you as much as it would have cost for the skunk trapper to set the trap and remove the animal to begin with.

How much does it cost to remove a skunk from under my steps?

The price varies from location to location, this service will cost more in Fairfax, VA than it will cost in Nashville, TN. All kinds of variables goes into the cost equations such as the price of gas to the amount of traffic in a given area. also if a company carries a large amount of insurance the price will probably be a bit higher. But having a company with a good reputation and good insurance is definitely worth the extra cost involved.

All types of skunks will find a home under your porch including Stripped Skunk, Hog Nosed Skunk, Spotted Skunks and the Hooded Skunk and click for general Skunk Removal and Skunk Control info.

We have many more pages dedicated to skunks and their removal, pages that deal with Skunks under steps, Skunks in crawlspaces and also pages on Why do skunks spray and a page on how to trap skunks. These are some very informational pages, please go thru them and read all applicable content.

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