Skunks in Crawlspaces

skunk in crawlspaceSkunks in a Crawlspaces are a major problem in almost every location we work in the major problem that exist with skunks in the crawlspace is the tendency to spray. Skunks will spray under your crawlspace for several reasons, one of the reason that a skunk will spray in your crawlspace is it could be breeding season. Here is the way it could go down..
A female skunk will come into her heat cycle, she is in season and the male skunks will start to pursue her in an attempt to breed her, if she is in the company of a male skunk she does not choose to breed with and he is persistent, she will spray him in a attempt to deter him from perusing her. This is all well and good unless it is all happening in your crawlspace! The odor that is caused by the female skunk spraying the male skunk will virtually run you out of the house.

What can be done about skunks in the Crawlspace?

Skunks in the crawlspace can be a very difficult problem to solve, one of the first things that a homeowner needs to do is a complete assessment of the entire home area. This will help you figure out how the skunk is gaining access to your crawlspace area. Once it is determined how the skunk is getting into the crawlspace, the next objective is to trap the skunk in a live trap, You can find more information on How to trap skunks in this section of our website. Once you have trapped the skunk is where the real fun begins. As you can see by the video below, anyone can be sprayed, even professional skunk trappers! This is a very hard substance to get off of your body.

Once the skunk has sprayed, this creates a huge problem, skunk odor is one of the hardest smells on the planet to try and control. You can find more information on skunk odor and different ways to control and to find out why do skunks spray in our informative section dealing with many problems like skunks under house, Skunks under steps and several more topics dealing with skunk removal and skunk control.
More often than not a informed customer will not want to deal with problematic skunks that can only cause more problems if not handled properly, you can find a complete list of professional wildlife removal trapper on our website. All of the skunk trapping professional meet or exceed industry standard training and we feel you will be in good hands with any of these professional skunk trappers. Start with your state, then select the closest city to you and simply call the number listed on the site. If there is no trapper listed for your area, please send us a email and we will find you a reputable skunk removal expert in your area. We hope we have helped you understand why skunks get into your crawlspace!
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