How to trap skunks is a fairly difficult task to master, as they are a pretty difficult creature to try and handle. It’s not so much trapping the skunks as it is, what you are going to do with the skunk once you have trapped it.
Skunks are cat like creatures and have very similar habits. They are shy, elusive animals and one that is not easily trapped. There are several reasons a homeowner would like to have a skunk trapped from a round their property, the following is several reasons we found to be the most common:
• Skunks are under your house
• Skunks are under your steps
• Skunks have sprayed and stink
• Skunks have dug holes in your lawn
These are the main problems that we see every day, we will attempt to go over them and provide you a link to that specific problem and explain if we fell the skunks needs trapped.

Skunks Under your House

The problem with having Skunks under your house is that most of the time the skunk stinks, after the skunk has sprayed, he always gets a little “juice” on his body and will stink for a couple days after he has sprayed. The worst problem with skunks under the house is when breeding season comes. Skunks will spray each other in the breeding process and will completely make your house unlivable. You should have these animals trapped by a professional skunk removal company.

Skunks Under your steps

Skunks under your steps is very similar to the skunk under the house problem, However when you have skunks under your steps, the entry and exit point is usually located on the porch of the home.
Skunks under steps are a unique problem that should not go over looked as it can also stink up the house really bad. This problem should not go over looked and the skunk should be trapped and removed from the property. This problem can get out of hand very quickly; the skunks are usually here to have babies. Call a Professional!

Skunks digging holes in yard is the worst kind of skunk to have; they will totally destroy a yard in a matter of a week and will leave all the hard work that you have put into your yard in shambles. These are some very destructive creatures. They are often times after the insects that are below the surface such as Japanese beetles and earth worms, these are some of their favorite meals and they will dig up the entire yard just to find a few. We have had skunks dig up several thousand dollars worth of damage to a yard in just one night. If you see little holes shaped like the letter V in your yard, then most likely you have a skunk problem and the animal will need to be trapped and removed before this problem can be solved. Once a skunk finds that you have these tasty meals in your yard, he will not just go away.

We have many more pages dedicated to skunks and their removal, pages that deal with Skunks under houses, Skunks under steps, Skunks in crawlspaces and also pages on Why do skunks spray and a page on how to trap skunks.

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