baby skunk removalBaby skunk removal is a very common call that many  wildlife professionals from all across the united states receive each and every year. Baby skunks are one of the toughest animals to deal with because they like to shoot their smelly spray on everything that moves. This is usually reserved for threats that are attempting to harm the skunk, but in baby skunks, they tend to want to spray everything.
  Baby skunks are born in the early spring of the year, they will stay in their dens in which they were born for the first 6 to 8 weeks of their lives,  in areas that have skunk problems, this is usually under decks or under porch steps, after this they will start to follow their mother in her nightly hunt looking for food. The number of baby skunks born to a adult female usually ranges from 4 to 6. This is common thru ought every type of skunk including striped skunks, hooded skunks, and  spotted skunks. Baby skunks will spray you without any warning!

How to remove baby skunks safely?

The removal of baby skunks from around living areas must be done very carefully, as stated earlier baby skunks will spray anything, I mean anything!
If something scares the baby skunks or they detect sudden movement the baby skunk will spray, the baby skunk has the same smell potency as a full grown adult skunk. With their ability and readiness to spray anything, this makes the baby skunk one of the most difficult animals to control without causing a real stinky mess.

Correct removal of baby skunks

Most wildlife removal experts will agree that the most sensible way to deal with baby skunk removal is thru a process called a wildlife exclusion, in this process the entry of the dwelling the baby skunks are living under is covered with a one way door, the rest of the structure is sealed from any other possible reentry points and the skunks will let themselves out, only to not be able to reentry the structure in which they were excluded from. This process works remarkably well providing the baby skunks are old enough to leave the dwelling. This is a very important piece of the exclusion puzzle, the skunks have to be old enough to leave, if not the baby skunks will die under the structure causing much greater problems later.

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