Black Rat Snake Removal, Control of Snakes

Black Rat snakes and their removal is the most common call that our offices through the Eastern United states receive. The black rat snake is a very large, Thick bodied snake that is for the most part black in color. The snakes will often reach a length of over 5 feet, however the average size for a adult black rat snake is about 4 to 4.5 ft. We will try and out line what we know about the black rat snake and their control. We also have more information on other types of rat snakes and their control here.

Black Rat Snake Biology

Black Rats snakes are very common snakes that are found in the eastern section of the United States. These snakes are very common and are often found living in close proximity to humans. This is one of the only snakes that will live in the same areas as humans and actually thrive. Black Rats snakes main diet consists of large rodents such as rats or mice. These two animals make up aprox 85% of the Black rat snakes diet. This is one of the main reasons that the black rat snakes can be found around humans. Rats and mice are often drawn to human presence, so the normal following of the black rat snake is expected.

Handling a black rat snake

Black rat snakes are usually pretty easy going snakes are generally really mild mannered snakes, they will tolerate being lifted and moved from one area to another, if you do it with care. These snakes do not like to be squeezed or handled aggressively. They will bite, and the bite can be really painful. These snakes have very dirty mouths, meaning that the transfer of germs is a possibility if bitten by a black rat snake. If you are not familiar with the proper way to handle snakes, then you should call a professional wildlife removal company to take care of your black rat snake problem. You can find a photo gallery of common snake entry areas here!

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