Skunk Tracks

skunk removalSkunks are Cat-like creatures that are usually only seen at night, there are four different types of skunks, there is the hooded skunk, striped skunk, Hog-nosed skunk and the spotted skunk. All of these different types of skunks make about the same type of tracks. You can click on the specific type of skunk to find out more about them. Each skunk id found in a different part of the United States, However their body size and weight are approx. the same. The size of a Normal sized skunk is about 1 inch in total length and about ¾ of an inch wide. You will notice that the front paws on a skunk will have very long claws, this is used for digging. Skunks will normally eat insects and grubs that are in the earth. In order to get to this food source a skunk must dig, so with evolution, a skunk has devolved very long front claws. One other thing you will notice about a skunk track is that a skunk has an oval-shaped pad in the back of its foot, and then it will show its 5 perfectly spaced toes and claws. Its back paw is very similar but it has an additional back pad on the very rear of the skunk’s hindfoot. This is a noticeable feature between the front and rear paw of the skunks and all 4 types of skunks have the same pattern. You will notice that the skunks have a staggered gait, meaning that as they lay down a succession of tracks, they are staggered (not in a line). The skunk is about the same size as a house cat, so the tracks will be in proportion to the size of the animal that made it. If there is more than one set of tracks, then the odds are pretty good that you have a mother skunk that is accompanied by baby skunks. A lot of times skunks will make their homes under decks and under porch steps. They can also be found living under steps of homes. This is the type of place that a skunk can find shelter to get out of the weather and get away from people. We have a lot of good information on the site about skunks and their activities that get them in trouble abound people. we have pages dealing with How to trap skunks, We also have an article on the habits of skunks and Why skunks spray humans We also have a complete list of professional trappers all across the United States that handle these types of problems every day, just click on our animal removal expert link to find a professional near you.

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