Iguana digging in my yard

A Guana control is a common problem in south Florida and the southern sections of Texas a very common problem associated with a Guana is is the iguana digging holes in your yard. Do you to South Florida and southern Texas subtropical climate the weather allows these herbivores (plant eating lizards to survive). These lizards are now common in these areas the subtropical environment allows these creatures to survive, reproduce, and become a part of the southern environment. There are three very common types of iguanas that will dig holes in your yard the most common iguana is the green a Guana followed closely by the Mexican spiny tailed iguana and lastly the black spiny tailed iguana. Everyone of these types of iguanas reproduce and lay eggs in the very same way this is the scenario where the iguana digs holes in your yard

What do Iguanas look like?

Iguanas are very large green lizards that are very unique looking. The largest type of iguana will grow up to 5 feet in length from head to tail. Small I'd want to are very green in color when they are juveniles but the older of the iguana gets it has a tendency to turn darker green such as an olive green or a light brown the iguana can also have black markings. The iguana kind of looks like a miniature dinosaur they have spines on their back that protrude in a tab underneath their throat that hangs down, This is called a dewlap. The dewlap is used exclusively by the mail iguana during courtship, apparently the female were going to find the dewlap attractive, (we don't know why).

What can I do to control Iguanas?

Iguanas are very territory oriented animals, once they find a suitable place to make their homes surroundings and nesting areas they are very hard to convince to move on, this often these to be done by a professional ago on a trapper or by a company that specializes in iguana exclusion from yards and other areas that iguanas are occupying. We have a list of qualified trappers and exclusion professionals located on our animal experts page that can assist you with your iguana digging in yard problem. We have generalized information on iguana control,

We also have a page that is dedicated to Iguana photos that have been taken around the United States.

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