Ways to control an armadillo population can sometimes be one of the trickiest feats in the wildlife removal world, Although the armadillo is a rather simple creature, its diet and shyness make it one of the most difficult animals in the United States to try and capture. There are many different ways to try to capture these critters, the most common is for a homeowner to purchase a trap.

Often the trap is the wrong size and more often than not the homeowner will set it in the wrong place. There are no man-made baits that will draw the animals into the trap. You have to rely on placing the traps in the appropriate place in order to catch the armadillos. This is where some of the problems come into play, most armadillos travel in groups of 5, a mother and 4 babies once you catch one of these animals in a trap, then the other animals associate the trap with danger and will avoid the trap altogether. This makes catching all the problematic animals very difficult, to say the least. This is why we suggest that you contact a Nuisance Wildlife Removal Expert to handle this problem, you can find one in your area by clicking the link provided.

Another way to control armadillos is thru the shooting method. This animal is usually shot with a small-caliber rifle, shooting them with a shotgun would not give you your desired results as they have a thick suit of armor in which the pellets will not penetrate. This is usually not an option for someone who lives in an organized community or in the city limits, as in most cases discharging a gun is illegal.

Types of Damage Armadillos Cause:

Armadillos cause damage in several different ways. Most of the time damage is caused to a homeowner's lawn or yard. This damage comes in the form of digging large holes in order to have a place to borrow or digging large areas of the yard up while in the process of feeding for beetles or earthworms. We have very specific pages on subjects such as armadillo removal and also pages dealing with more specific situations such as why Armadillos are Digging in my Yard

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